Astro A50 Wireless Review Plus Details

Astro A50 Review

Useful for gaming. The Astro A50 have low inactivity a helpful remote plan and an agreeable fit you can wear for long gaming sessions with no weakness. They won’t be the best earphones in the event that you have an especially loud gaming condition like being at a challenge. In any case, they convey on most perspectives that make a decent gaming earphone. They have an unmistakable and solid amplifier, a great battery existence with control sparing highlights, and a phenomenal sound for both gaming and tuning in to music. They even accompany a vigorous programming which offers a great deal of customization choices.

Astro A50 Wireless Headset – Design and Features

I am evaluating the PS4 good headset. Whereas, it’s also a best PC gaming headset and it’s obviously more snappy than its dark and Secret of the Ooze-green partner. The headset is strong dark with two blue anodized aluminum pillars that associate the headband to the ear cups. The plan is honestly significantly more obvious than what showed up on both the Gen 1 and Gen 2 of the A50s. I incline toward headsets that look progressively downplayed, however I need to concede I kinda like the electric blue accents.

Other than the metal shafts, the headset is as a rule made of overwhelming plastic. It’s strong, however at this cost I’d truly lean toward more metal or cowhide (engineered or something else). This inclination is just additionally exacerbated by Astro selling an A50 “Mod Kit”— a $40 add-on bundle which swaps the texture ear cups and headband for predominant quality manufactured calfskin. These are planned to hose foundation clamor. Be that as it may, subsequent to relegating $300, I would expect them be incorporated.

What’s more, talking about those ear cups, they’re enormous blaring things. They’re so enormous, your ears fit inside the cutaway from the pads—which means the pads lay on your head, not your ears. I love the manner in which they feel; despite the fact that the headset is really overwhelming at 380grams (for examination, the SteelSeries Arctis 7 is 255 grams), broadened recess gave me no ear weariness—generally on the grounds that the cups don’t sit on my ears. Nonetheless, that structure likewise implies on the off chance that you game wearing glasses, it will press the edges against your head.

The amplifier sits on a non-separable and adaptable blast on the left cup. At the point when the switch is situated upwards, it fits properly—that is your sign the mic is quieted. At the point when the switch is brought down, the mic is on. It’s a straightforward and powerful arrangement that rules out disarray. While I haven’t had any issues with it during testing (or with the first A50s), I do stress the plastic switch or potentially pivot system could in the end cause issues down the line—I had an inclination that I was constantly careful about squeezing the switch too solidly, given that it was so critical to the headsets usefulness. Luckily, everybody I addressed said my voice came in fresh and clear.

Astro A50 Wireless Headset – Gaming

None of the previously mentioned highlights really matter if the headset’s sound quality isn’t as high as its expense. Fortunately, it’s the sign of the A50s. They simply stable incredible. They’re controlled by 40mm Neodymium Magnets, and the A50s are uproarious, with clear highs, solid bass, and superb directional sound—regardless of whether you’re utilizing Dolby Surround or not. Indeed, even at top volume, the A50s never appeared to lose any of their sound quality.

That is certainly thanks to a limited extent to the headsets three EQ settings. They’re flipped by means of a switch at the rear of the correct ear cup. The principal mode underlines bass, the second accentuates balance, and the third lift highs. Astro claims #2 can give you an upper hand, yet in the event that there’s an advantage to it, I was too occupied with getting produce executed to take note. It’s likewise the main EQ setting I think altogether impacts sound for the more terrible. I generally incline toward a decent solid, yet I like the way the principal setting sounds the best—in the case of riding horses in the Wild West or simply tuning in to music.


One of the A50’s gaming lowlights is the annoyingly unintuitive MixAmp, which enables you to add increasingly game or voice to the blend by tapping the ear cup. Outwardly of the correct ear cup, you can tap the front (closer your mouth) to underscore game sound in the blend, or the back (closer your neck) to add more voice to your blend. As I would like to think, this direction is dead off-base. It is much progressively natural for voice be at the front, close to your mouth, with game sound in the back, close to your ears. Regardless of how hard I attempted to recall Astro’s fake thinking, I would never hit the nail on the head and it irritated me each and every time I mis-tapped it. What’s more, in light of the fact that various games require various adjusts, I mis-tapped it oftentimes and each time I got irritated.

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