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Nail the Style: Top 9 Terrific Nail Trends to Try in 2021

Are you tired of dull and drab nails? Get a fantastic manicure and pedicure in Doha’s top nail salon to get professionally done and fabulous nails that rock. Flutter Your Fab Fingers Lockdowns and stay-at-home orders may have taken a toll on your precious nails, but now that quarantine orders have loosened, you can finally get that much-deserved pampering for…

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Solar Nails

Solar Nails:Things You Need To Know About Solar Nails

In the world of adorning the nails, we experience many new trends popping up now and then. The use of solar nails is one of the crazy trends of the time. Though the trend started earlier, it was in no way popular before as it is now. It is very easy to do it at your home and most importantly…

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teal nail designs

25 adorable teal nail designs for your love

As a nature lover, you shouldn’t miss the teal nail designs. This design is the mixer of the nature of water and the color of grass. So, it’s looking pretty and natural. It makes a peaceful and beautiful vibe of the women or girl. Teal nail designs look at such a gorgeous and adorable art that comes with a great…

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blue nail designs

25 gorgeous Blue Nail Designs

There are a lot of gorgeous blue nail designs and they are so latest and trendy. If you want to get pick nice nail polishes from your store, you can select blue color polish to make a design according to your activity and functionality. Blue color stands for the color of responsibility, reliability, and also trust. It is also related…

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dip powder nail designs

Trendy dip powder nail designs ideas

Have you heard yet, dip powder nail designs? If, no. Let’s introduce with this trend of nails today. Yes, with gel and acrylics nail designs, dip powder nails also added as a long-lasting and trendy nail art design. At first sight, dip nail designs are so similar to acrylic nail design and classic gel design. But the process of this…

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Rainbow toe nail design for fall

Top 30 toe nail designs for fall

Are you wanted to change the old style of the foot fingernails design? If, yes, congratulation! You are at the right place. The new and the latest toe nail designs for fall are excellent for the smart lady. So, changing the decision of the old style of your is a good idea. Single color nail designs have become so boring….

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cut off your fake nail

How to remove acrylic nails: Safely & easily

Handy technique to remove fake nail at home Acrylic nail is a pretty and great trend to the smart lady. But most of them try to know how to remove acrylic nails safely and easily. Yes, it is a great question. We have a fantastic solution to solve this problem at home. Damage-free, handy, and safety way how to remove…

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how to make nail polish remover at home using lemon and vinegar

How to Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Remover?

Just the moment you want to remove the polish on your nails, a nail polish remover comes to mind. These products contain hazardous chemicals like acetone and acetonitrile which cause headaches, irritation, dizziness; you name it. Eventually, you’ll need to know how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover. Fortunately, there’re safer and cooler ways to go. In this…

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nail designs with diamonds

18 Exquisite Nail Designs with Diamonds

Is there any girl who doesn’t love diamonds? Though it is not possible for all to buy luxurious necklaces or ring of diamonds, adding some diamonds in the nail is not that costly. Be it a new feminine manicure of any occasion where you would love to join with something unique that draws the attention, diamonds have no good rivals….

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nail design

20 Awesome Nails Design with Rhinestones

Intro: Nail design! Nail design! Nail design is a popular art on a nail today for the beautiful lady. Now-a day, nails design with rhinestones has become more popular and an everyday new trend has created to make nice the nail. The new trends of nail design are floating the fashion world regularly. Eye-catching nail design makes the style more…

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