How to remove acrylic nails: Safely & easily

cut off your fake nail

Handy technique to remove fake nail at home

Acrylic nail is a pretty and great trend to the smart lady. But most of them try to know how to remove acrylic nails safely and easily. Yes, it is a great question. We have a fantastic solution to solve this problem at home.

Damage-free, handy, and safety way how to remove acrylic nails at home is a simple task. Without going to any salon, you can do it yourself at home.

Just follow the fruitful approach that we have represented in this post. We know, you can enjoy this post and save your time to go to the salon and complete your task when you need.

Let’s start.

The best way to remove acrylic nails

How to remove acrylics nails? Yes, to remove acrylic nails, we are going to share a few handy techniques that you can apply at home without going to any salon.

1. Cut off your fake nail: 

Using the nail clipper, try to short the acrylic nail. Cut off the fake nail as much as possible. Whether the fake nail is so thick, you can try a coarse nail file to short them easily. But cut the nail carefully so that the nails don’t cut worse.

cut off your fake nail

2. File off the nail:

File off the nail polish using a fine-grade buffer carefully. When you use buffer, take care of your natural nails so that they don’t damage anyway. Try to use long buffer which can run length of the nails.

file off the nail

3. Take off the acrylic nails with acetone:

How to remove acrylic nails? To answer to this question, we recommend you to apply a few processes with acetone. Find them in the below:

  • Using aluminum foil:

using aluminum foil

To use aluminum foil to remove acrylic nails, you must follow a few steps.

You need:

  • Aluminum foil.
  • Acetone.
  • Pads.
  • Petroleum jelly.


  1. Take a larger bowl full of warm water. Add a few acetones with it. When you use acetone, make sure the room has a ventilation system.
  2. Don’t microwave the acetone. Just use it with normal condition.
  3. Apply the petroleum jelly enclose the nails.
  4.  Soak the acetone with cotton pads and add it on the nails.
  5. To keep it in its place, just tear up an aluminum foil and wrap it on the finger.
  6. Leave it for 25-30 minutes.
  7.  Remove the foil paper gently after waiting and just the acrylic nail come off with it.
  8. If you think you need more time to remove the nails, you can wait too.
  • Using warm water:

using warm water

How do you remove acrylic nails with warm water? To know this, go ahead with us.

You need:

  • Warm water
  • Acetones.
  • Petroleum jelly.
  • Bowl
  • Tweezers.


  1. Take a bowl of warm water. Add sufficient acetone on it.
  2. Now use an amount of petroleum jelly to save the skin and stay free from any damage.
  3. Keep the nails on the warm water that contains acetones. Make sure it is a dip for nails.
  4. Wait for 30-40 minutes.
  5. Now check it. It is ready to go out simply or you can pull out it gently with tweezers.
  6. If you feel it needs extra time to remove, you must keep waiting.

4. Take off the acrylic nails without acetone:

If you don’t like acetone to use, you can also ask me how to remove acrylic nails without acetone? Yes, we have also the solution to it. In the below, we just talk about a few processes without acetone. You can follow them.

  • Using acetone-free nail polish:

using acetone-free nail polish

How to get acrylic nails off? Yes, besides using acetone, you can try acetone-free nail polish to take off acrylic nails. If you don’t like acetone and you want to keep away your skin from harsh, you can use acetone-free nail polish remover.

You need:

  • Nail polish remover and must acetone-free.
  • Bowl.
  • Tweezers.


  1. Take a bowl and pour the acetone-free nail polish in it.
  2. Soak the acrylic nails on the acetone-free nail polish remover.
  3. Leave the nail for at least 30-40 minutes.
  4. When you feel that the fake nails loosen, you can pull it out gently. If you need tweezers, you can use it to remove acrylic nails.
  • Using dental floss

using dental floss

How to remove acrylic nails with floss? Don’t worry. We have a great idea to use dental floss to remove the fake nail at home normally. Dental floss is a common and normal household item that you can collect quickly. Without going to the salon, you can use this element to take off the acrylic nails.

You need:

  • Dental floss.
  • A partner.
  • Orange sticks.


  1. Using orange sticks at first pry the skin to make a little cove.
  2. Tell your partner to put the floss into the cove and pull off the nails gently.
  3. Do it continues till the acrylic nails go off.

This process is a little bit uncomfortable and painful. To apply this method, you need to keep more patient.

  • Using nail filers

using nail filers


For removing acrylic nails nail filers are also the best idea. You can just follow the steps and take off the fake nails at home.

You need:

  • Nail filers.
  • Nail clippers.
  • Orange sticks.
  • Skin oil.


  1. At first, remove the colors and all design from the nails.
  2. Filling the nails with the help of long stroke.
  3. Intel the nails with the orange sticks.
  4. After continuous filling, the acrylic nails will off at a time.

This method can be a little bit harsh for the nails. So, if you need, you can use skin oil also.

  • Using business card

using business card

How to take off acrylic nails with the help of the business card? Oh! It’s not a big job. It is a simple work that you can do at home simply. Just the follow the steps, we share in the below.You need:

  • Business card.
  • Orange sticks.


  1. Use the orange sticks to make a little inlet.
  2. Now apply for the laminated business card on the inlet of the nail gentle pressure in the outward motion.
  3. Do it around the without giving pressure at one side.
  4. Apply this process till the nails take-off gently.
  5. Don’t make more pressure to pull off the nails. It’ll worse for the natural nails.
  6.  If you don’t have a business card, you can use a debit or credit card.
  • Using hot water

using hot water

How to remove fake nails? You can remove your old fake nail using hot water without acetone. In the below, we represent the process step by step.

You need:

  • Hot water.
  •  A medium bowl.
  • Nail file.
  • Nail clipper.
  • Orange sticks.


    1.  Take a bowl full of hot water. Make sure the water temperature is comfortable so that you can keep the nail for a fixed time.
    2. Short the as much as possible.
    3. Soak your nails into the hot water at least for 30-40 minutes.
    4. At a time you can feel the nails loses. Then, try to pull off the nails gently.

5. Essential tips and tricks

How to take off acrylic nails? To answer this question, we have discussed a few essential processes above the content. Now, we are going to present a few important tips and tricks that you should keep in mind while taking off the fake nails.

  1. Don’t try to remove the acrylic nails forcefully. It’ll worse for the real nail. It’ll also too much pain. If you try to remove the nail cogently, it makes bloody or infection.
  2. Be careful about using acetones. If you fix your mind to use the acetone to remove your acrylic nails, you must keep you away from the fire. Plus, make sure the ventilator where you use the acetone.
  3.  To save the natural nail, you must use skin oil after removing the fake nail.
  4. Don’t forget to remove the glue after taking off the acrylic nails.
  5. To apply the methods, you should manage fix time and keep patient.  All the process needs a long time to complete.
  6. Though the processes need sufficient time to remove the nails, you must arrange the place for that fixed time.
  7. After using acetone, you maybe feel burning sensation or serious redness for its strong chemical compound. If you face such a situation, don’t waste your time. Go hurry to the professional helper because it is a serious matter.
  8. Don’t use acrylic nails after removing the fake nails. Give much time to restore the balance of your real nails. Take a break and then put your favorite acrylic nail as the trends.

Final thought

How to take acrylic nails off? Yes, we know. The answer to this question has completed after sharing the methods in this post.

You have learned more tips and tricks to remove the acrylic nails from this content. Now, go ahead and apply the trend able fake nails and remove them after using at home painlessly.

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