7 Fashion Pieces You Will Never Regret Splurging On

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Updating and completing your wardrobe can be costly. However, there are certain clothing pieces and accessories that are always worth the splurge.

Creating a to-buy list on your trip to the best shopping mall in Doha can help you complete or update your wardrobe with the right, splurge-worthy fashion pieces. With well-chosen clothes, footwear, and accessories, you will have everything you need in your closet for daily wear or special occasions.

But which items will complete or update your wardrobe?

Here are seven fashion pieces that are always worth the splurge (even if you already have one of them):

1. Little black dress

The  little black dress or LBD is a simple garment made famous by Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

A must-have for every woman, no other outfit is as versatile as the LBD. It is perfect for the office, a planned or unexpected meeting, or evening party. With the right piece, you can even wear your LBD for all three in one day.

If you want a timeless piece, choose a classic knee-length sleeveless sheath-style LBD. Pick one that is not too short and does not show your cleavage to have a simple yet versatile dress.

If you want a more formal-looking LBD, opt for one with an asymmetrical hem.

With the right pair of shoes, blazer, cardigan, and other accessories, you will never run out of ideas to style and glam up your LBD.

2. Jeans

A staple in women’s closets, jeans are also versatile clothing pieces that you can wear anywhere and anytime. When styled correctly, you can even include it in your weekly office outfits.

Since jeans come in different styles, choosing the best pair is often challenging. If you want a classic piece to add to your wardrobe, opt for dark wash jeans.

Like LBDs, dark wash jeans are versatile, so you can wear them with flats during Casual Fridays and with heels and a stylish top for a holiday event or after-party.

When shopping for a pair, choose one in a dark color with minimal fading or whiskers. This jean design tends to look more classic and less trendy, which means you can keep using it for years.

To ensure you get a flattering pair, pick one based on your body type. High-rise straight jeans look great on ladies with apple shapes. Boot-cuts, on the other hand, are perfect for pear-shaped bodies.

If you have a slim figure, you will always look great in skinny jeans.

3. Cardigans

Regardless of where you live and the weather, a cardigan is another clothing piece that you should never regret splurging on. They come in different types and styles, so you can wear them no matter the occasion or season.

Classic cardigan styles include:

  • Open – cardigans that have no buttons or hooks and have different types of hemlines and necklines.
  • Oversized or long – cardigans long enough to reach your knees and are open or have buttons or zippers.
  • Belted – this type has an open front with a matching belt and is often long.
  • Hooded – this cardigan style is an excellent alternative to jackets and hoodies since it comes with a hood and either buttons or a zipper.

4. Blazer

Another coveted piece among professionals, blazers are staples in ladies’ closets. They elevate your overall look regardless of what you are wearing underneath.

Blazers are great to pair with dresses, skirts, jeans, and even shorts.

They come in different varieties so will never have difficulty finding one that meets your styling needs.

Oversized and shrunken blazers are trendy right now. However, if you don’t have a perfect-fitting one in your wardrobe, get this one first.

A finely fitting blazer has shoulders that have enough room to layer underneath and sleeves that hit right at your wrists. Additionally, the front should be fitted, but should not pull out around your chest.

5. White button-up or dress shirt

If you are working, looking for a job, or attending events to elevate your career, a white dress shirt is your go-to top.

Like LBDs, dress shirts are also versatile as you can wear them to the office or for a night out with your friends. You can even pair it with sneakers for a fast, casual look that’s guaranteed to make you look great.

When shopping for a white dress shirt, make sure it is made of a material that can withstand constant washing. If you live in a warm or humid area, choose one that is cool and light (like cotton and other natural fibers) so you won’t feel hot wearing it.

Aside from cotton, poplin is one other popular material used for dress shirts. Both fabrics are cool, breathable and maintain a crisp look.

6. Pumps

No shoe closet will be complete without a pair of wearable, classic simple heels.

Black pumps, in particular, are the perfect footwear for important office meetings or events, weddings, and even romantic dates. They can glam up any outfit you are wearing, whether it is a dress, skirt, jeans, and even shorts.

When shopping for pumps, make sure you choose a pair you are comfortable wearing as you walk around.

If you can’t seem to stand or walk around too long wearing pumps, don’t be embarrassed to get cone, platform, or wedge heels. These will give you the added height you are looking for, yet are more comfortable for your feet.

7. Loafers

Finally, if you are looking for footwear that’s stylish, classy, and comfy, get one or more pairs of loafers or slip-ons. These are easy to wear, formal, and comfortable, so they are a staple in your shoe closet.

Loafers are the perfect go-to shoes for your daily office wear. You also won’t go wrong donning them if you’re hanging out with your girlfriends or enjoying coffee at your favorite café.

The most popular style of loafers is the mule-type loafer popularized by Gucci. However, there are other classic designs that you can purchase and keep wearing for years.

With these fashion essentials, you will have a fully equipped fashion arsenal at your disposal. So, if you ever visit the popular shopping places in Doha (or elsewhere), make sure to include these in your shopping list.

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