Tips from Hair Guru:The Ultimate Guide How to Style Hair without Gel, Spay or Wix

short hairstyles for round faces with double chin

Is there anyone who doesn’t stay stylish? are you? 

Surely, the answer is not. However, all of we guys want an excellent look and used to stay stylish and trendy with the time. Hairstyle is the basic that represent you beautiful and comparatively unique then the others. 

Most of the gel lovers think there’s no alternative for keeping hair set without gel. But it’s undoubtedly wrong!

Yes, without gel there’s lots of option available to make your hair stylish and gorgeous. In this term, I’ll cover how to style hair without gel. 

Don’t be fast, stay along and enjoy the latest hair guide!


short hairstyles for round faces with double chin


Bonus Tips: Ensure the safety first!

I know how important the stylish hair for your great look but never be crazy and conscious about the scalp care. You know most of the hair lover like you lastly loss all the hair just for using vulnerable products. So, never consider a little bit about your scalp first.

Step-By-Step: How to Style Hair without Gel

Various hairs styling option without gel is available. But the choice completely based on your choice and expected comfort zone.

Start with the heating tool & water!

Many people use straightening Iron to set their hair as they desired. It is very quick that works instantly. But you have to be careful about overusing it. Most of the fashion-conscious people around you use this stuff to make their hair classy.  

If you are doing this for the first time, tackle it slowly. Straightening the hair is a tricky part. Firstly, take a chunk of hair in your middle finger but don’t grab plenty of them. Approximately three-quarter of your finger could be perfect.  Then operate the iron through the hair and pull them onto the direction that you want to fall. The challenge is pulling the hair going backward. Do the same with all to achieve the required look.

Many people may be surprised to hear that even with water you can have compatible hairstyles. To make your hair obey you just need a brush or comb.  It depends on your hair whether to use the brush or comb. According to expert’s expertise, you should not use the brush on damp hair. Also, they asked to use a large-tooth comb only if you have the curly hair and wet brush for straight hair. 

After choosing the tools that suit your hair, wet it properly with a spray of water and then brush or comb your hair as you want. And that’s it!

Using Wax or Hair Clay is another alternative!

First of all, wash your hair gently with the hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner and then towel-dry your hair. After that, blow-dry them using a hairdryer. If you typically use any kinds of pre-styling things like heat protecting spray, hair tonic or any kinds of special conditioner, apply them on your hair after towel-dry and then make them blow-dry.

Then take a pea-amount of clay on your palm and then rub it between your hands. If you have pretty long hair, you might need more than one pea. So, consider as per the requirements. Make sure, the clay spreads evenly on your palm.  There shouldn’t have any chunk of hair clay. 

After that, move your hand through the hair from the root to tip to distribute the hair clay evenly. Make sure the hair is coated properly with a layer of hair clay. If it doesn’t clumsy properly with the clay, apply a little more hair clay likewise. 

Finally, once you are done with applying the hair clay, start styling your hair. If you want a natural look you can use your finger. For a breezy look, use the brush and if you want the more formal look then use a comb. 

Hair Creams & Paste work well!

To add a subtle and natural look hair cream is pretty. It takes your stray hair and makes them neater. If you appreciate Mohawks, spikes, and pompadours, hair cream will be your automatic choice. Hair cream is compatible for almost all types of hair. 

Firstly take an adequate amount of cream and rub them well between your hands. If your hair is long and thick enough, you might need little more amount. 

After rubbing it properly, run your hand through the hair. Make sure the cream spreads firmly in the hair. Many people don’t put the cream on the backside of the head. Don’t do that. It has to be evenly spaced everywhere on the head.

The paste is another amazing alternative of wax and gels. You can form your hair anyway with paste. It can leave a gentle and shiny texture to your hair. The paste is suitable and compatible with both dry and wet hair.

Different paste has different effects. So you have to pick one as per your requirements.

Serum would be you choice!

The serum is used to make the hair more beautiful & glittering, free from the harshness of the environment. It also uses for some kinds of treatment of hair. Also, Serum will ensure the growth of your hair. However, before using it you need to check its compatibility with your hair.

You can also use Olive Oil

People have been using olive oil for many years for hair care. It is the solution of almost all problems regarding hair care and hair fall. Also, it is very compatible with any kinds of hair. In the case of hairstyle, it works just like other oils but its benefits are far greater.

How to Style Hair without Gel?

Did you give a try with hair oil?

Hair oil is an excellent alternative because oil provides nourishment to hair. However, you will not get a reliable result much like water.

Hence, using hair oil to style your hair is most suitable for those who have dry or curly hair.

Besides, natural oils are enriched with significantly essential components that keep hair healthy.

Make sure; you are using 3 – 4 drops of oil every time. Using oil, your hair will become shiny.

Give a try with hair spray

Hair spray is generally a product of women. But who says girls should have all the fun?

You will have a great hairstyle using hair spray. And the style will be longer-lasting, undoubtedly. As a result, using hair spray will be a perfect choice, who is looking for a healthy hairstyle.

However, one thing you need to keep in mind, the majority of the hair spray tends to harden the hair. So, before using, be cautious.

Last but not the least – pick hair paste

To get medium to gentle hold, you have no other choice except using hair paste. You will never get inconsistent performance from hair paste, indeed.

If you just started styling your hair, hair paste is highly recommended. Hair paste is versatile. It will give you a number of styling options that your friends will amaze. Besides, they will praise your styling too. Who doesn’t love to hear praiseworthy words.


Classy and trendy hairstyles are the most important to stay stylish. A smart and sophisticated hairstyle greatly enhances a person’s personality. You can make-up your hair in many other ways without gel and all of them are easy and arresting. Here, in this content, all the possible ways have shown step by step. You can easily choose and apply any of them according to your Amenities. All the best!

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