Greasers Hairstyles For Stylish Men

greaser haircuts

Greaser hairstyles were created influencing by a few kinds of music starts and youth culture. And this hairstyle becomes famous among the working class, lower-class teenagers and the younger society of the USA in the 1950s. After that, from the 1970s, this hairstyle got popularity in high school and college.

But, now, this theatrical style has come back with the latest updated version with different twists. Greaser hairstyles long hair is also famous as rockabilly hair that is a notable trend and the newest hairstyle among modern women and even men.

Let’s spend some time looking at the top 10 best greaser hairstyles for stylish men below. If you are a fan of rockabilly and vintage hairstyle, we hope you will enjoy this elegant idea.

How to do a greaser hairstyle

Greaser is the name that comes from a haircut. To create this hairstyle, it needs a lot of hair cosmetic such as gel, wax, and pomade that helps the hair stays intact. Greaser hairstyle can give a beautiful and sexy look of the hair with the help of those products. It also includes comb-overs, cowlicks, ducktails, and a few other more conservative cuts. Most of the rockabilly hairstyles make depending on the popular undercut and they fall in love with this style again. After passing a lot of greaser days, this hairstyle is still a trend and fashionable style to the youngsters in the world.

Greaser Hairstyles for men

When you are looking for a unique hair cut, a 50s modern greaser style can change the traditional look of your hair. To get it, take a trip to your barber that the test is how to do your hair like a greaser.

Four types of greaser hairstyle:

There are four types of greaser hairstyles that have introduced below.

1. Ducktail:

One of the most popular hair cut is ducktail in greaser style. If you want to make this style, you need to part the hair on one side. Then apply comb the top over the other side. Now set the backsides in the middle of the head with the help of a comb. To keep the place applies a little bit of hair cream or gel.

greaser haircuts

2. Pompadour:

Pompadour is another popular style that includes two types of different styles. One kind of them is created by parting the hair. if you like to set your hair like it, use the comb on the top sideway and onward. Then, turn over the font back to give it rise. Another style needs a simple comb applying process.

greaser haircuts

3. Traditional method:

Older men love to get a conservative style. To make this style, they cut short hair.  To plaster the hair to their heads, they need to apply unique gel or cream. This style is conservative because it is one kind of professional setting. Today it is also a fashionable hairstyle.

4. Slicked back:

To apply this trendy hair cut, take a comb and use it to back the hair from the front. You can do it both sides and the top of the hair.

greaser haircuts

Classic version:

Now, learn about a few vintage versions of those four types of greaser haircuts.

1. Pompadour cum Mohawk:

It is one type of feature of pompadour. Shave both of the sides and make Mohawk on the top. Don’t forget to keep enough hair in the middle. It needs to get the style by applying pomade gel to get the pompadour feature.

greaser haircuts

2. Pompadour cum Fohawk:

Another feature of pompadour is fohawk. The method of this style is the same as Mohawk. But remember, in fohawk, the hairline can be visible.

greaser hairstyles long hair

3. Round crest:

When you like to make your hair round chest shape, you should bring all the hair into the middle and make a round crest shape using a good hair gel.

greaser hairstyles long hair

4. Normal volumes:

To make a normal volume hair cut, make a style on your hair, keeping a lot of hair on the top of the head. Use gel and cream and give a common feature of your hair.

greaser hairstyles long hair

Up to date version:

Now it is time to know about the modern version of the greaser haircut.

1. Jelly roll:

The Jelly roll is a modern and sophisticated hairstyle. Trim both of the sides of the hair carefully and undercut of the skin. Wrinkle both of the sides together and set them in the middle.


greaser hairstyles long hair

2. Casual hair fashion:

It is a simple technique of the haircut that can change your regular hairstyle in the new era. Using styling gel style, the hair at the top is very casual hair fashion.

greaser hairstyles long hair

3. New haircut:

How to get greaser hair in this modern age? A creative hair cut can give a trending style of your hair. It can change the typical look of you. A greaser large pompadour allows you to invent a new hair cut.

greaser hairstyles long hair

4. Union of the beard:

You look so lovely when you take a new trend to adjust with your beard. With a full beard union of a greaser hairstyle can compare your look and make a good impression of the people around you.

greaser hairstyles long hair

5. Iconic:

We know every fan of any celebrity follows them in the world. Most of the trends of hair fashion get popularity by their iconic figures. You can get any hair fashion that you choice inspiring your celebrity.

greaser hairstyles long hair

6.  Ultimate style:

Many men want to reveal their manliness by growing their hair. If you also want to gain a manliness look, you can select this hairstyle for you.


7. Rockabilly:

Rockabilly is one of the most favorite hairstyles of this modern age. It is one of the famous trend among the greaser hairstyles. This trend must give you an eye-catching look.

greaser hairstyles long hair

Bottom line:

Greaser hairstyles are not the same for all men. It can verify according to the selection of the person. Some love rebellion when someone wants to get a conservative trend. Though the trends have change into a new form, it is real that all of the styles need a unique gel to set and refresh fashion during the whole of the day. The gel or cream helps the hair to stay before washing with shampoo.

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