Build a Personal Brand by Social Media

How to Build a Personal Brand Through Social Media

Branding is marketing in disguise. It’s easy to market when you have a product or service that you offer. But if the commodity is yourself, how does branding apply to you? In 2020, personal branding is an essential tool. People love to know who you are and what you do, sometimes more than they are interested to know about your…

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top 5 Instagram Tools

How to Grow Your Social Media Platform with 5 Instagram Tools

Instagram, certainly not a new word for you. Instagram was created in late 2010, since then it has active users for more than billions and has a total of about 800 million active users, monthly. Adding on, it is the most emerging social media platform to grow your business. The social media marketing agency is taking an active role in…

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Reddit soccer streams

10 best Reddit Soccer Streams Alternative

Bad news for football lovers! The well-known website Reddit has shut down soccer streams. It was the platform where football fans watched soccer stream online without any cost. This Reddit became popular through the FIFA World Cup 2018. More than a hundred thousand people were streaming in every match. But a warning of Premier League has shut down the watch…

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Social Media Influence

Influence of Social Media in Day-To-Day Life

There’s no doubt social media has influenced our daily lives in many ways. It doesn’t help that the internet blew up and became as big as it is today. The popularity of smartphones and tablets has also contributed to the popularity and the influence of social media in today’s society. Many users on different platforms made meaningful connections through social…

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