Top 10 Facebook Promotion Ideas for Successful Small Business

Facebook Promotion Ideas for Successful Small Business

Are you going to start your own small business and looking for ways to promote your small business on Facebook? You have landed on the right article! We will show you all the Facebook promotion ideas for small business that you should follow to make your business successful. These are the most important and tricky ideas to attract your customers and make a great sale with Facebook ads for small business searches.

Top 10 Facebook promotion ideas for small business

The more people you can reach by page promotion, the more sale you can make. So, let’s have a look at how to promote business on Facebook for free.

1. Use a Killing Cover photo

When many visitors come to visit your Facebook page by all the promotion links, through links, redirects or piqued interest, you should get ready before their landing on your page to kill with your cover photo! They should see and just have a “wow” feeling!  Don’t miss the chance to make them following your page in love with this cover photo.

A cover photo is a very important feature of the page for Facebook marketing for small business due to some reasons. For example, this is the first visual thing that people can see on your page. This is one of the best visual marketing tools that you can avail for free. So make it creative as possible and try to tell your business story with it.

2. Don’t compromise content quality

There should be some good quality description of your products in the Facebook posts for businesses that can attract the customers. Your efforts should be visible in each content. Try to make them as much natural as possible and related to your targeted audience. Mention all the features and functions of your products, so that customers get a clear concept about them and can easily decide whether to go with any product or not.

3. Go Live from the page

Many people can’t trust only on images and descriptions of the products. They prefer visual face-to-face interaction while choosing products. You can also interact with your customer directly on live streaming.

Choose a smart title on the announcement of your live broadcast, as it goes as notification to the followers and behaves smartly while you are in front of your audience.

4. Be friendly with customers

If you have many fans and followers on your business page that’s not enough to ensure a huge amount of sales. You have to meet the target audience interestingly and interact in a very friendly way. Gentle and humble dealing with customers is a part of good service.

Don’t finish with saying just one or two formal words like “Hi!”, “Hello!” Or “Ok”, try to give them attention and carefully hear what they are trying to say. try to build up a long-lasting relationship with them. This will inspire them to come back to you for the next purchase.

5. Take customers to review seriously

A good businessman doesn’t overreact to the negative feedback from the customers. You have to analyze all customer feedback and suggestions for the improvement of your business. If you respect their suggestions, they will feel honoured and remember you. Customers bring customers – so try to know what they like or dislike, what they want to buy from you, what products they wish that you would have. Use this information in your next plan for the improvement of the business.

6. Optimize your Facebook Business Page

Don’t hesitate to provide necessary information about your business company on the Facebook page. If the customers search for local businesses in Google or search on Facebook for local brands, you will get priority. This a part of how to promote the business page on facebookSearches.

They will look for the contact information reviews and recommendations on your page to take services. Provide different types of contact mediums like phone no, email or website so that they can use their preferred medium to contact you. And try to respond as early as possible.

7.  Place your Location on Facebook’s maps

Facebook uses a Google API so that it can let you mark yourself at locations you have visited. This feature of Facebook is known as “Check-in”.

Maybe you have used these feature a lot of times but didn’t know about its role or importance in your business.

This check-in feature is especially important for local businesses. Whenever a customer does “check-in”, he/she will be displayed local Facebook businesses and brands. But this will work only for local businesses that are listed under the ‘Local Business or Place’ category of Facebook. You can put some discounts or offers for local customers to keep them with you.

8. Use the “Story” Feature of Facebook

When you don’t have any new products to put as content on the Facebook page, it doesn’t mean that you put nothing. You have Facebook “Story” feature to keep engaged with the audience as facebook free advertising for small businesses.

Share your business story, the culture of your small business or make a pull to engage the customers. This is a very effective marketing tool that you can use for free. It doesn’t require much effort, you can put a simple picture or small video or an easy question pull related to your business.

9. Manage Your Time and Make Plans

Don’t take any action without planning even if it is simple page content. Don’t waste too much time on social media unless you jump on any trending topic. Follow the content calendar to make content live effectively.

Using a content calendar will give you chance to pre-plan when you will post and what it will be about. Then you can preload this content like a Buffer tool that will auto-post the content on your scheduled time. You only have to monitor the comments and response of the followers.

10. Post When Your Followers are Active

The Facebook Insights feature will inform you when the followers engage most by a specific hour of a day. You can post content at that peak engagement time to get them but it may also let your post get more competition. You can also follow late-night post formula so that your followers can see it when they log in the early morning.


We tried to mention the most interesting ideas about how to promote your business on Facebook without paying. We hope that you have already learned how to advertise your business on Facebook, now its time to follow these tricks and start promoting your small business in facebbok.

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