20+ list of different types of fashion styles women

List of different types of fashion styles

Fashion style is a constant, typical, and a complete crystal clear topic. It is a continuous trend of dresses, behavior, and the new creations of stylish.From the ancient still, fashion is being shabby throughout the whole world day by day. Everyday new design or fashion has been dawn with a new creation.Today we have covered our content with a list of different types of fashion styles. They are trending and assist you to look astonishing plus gorgeous.

Let’s move and see the different fashion styles with pictures. And try to make us trendy.






Types of fashion styles

Now you are going to discover a fashion style list. From this list, we are hoping you can find out the best style for you.

1.  Trendy fashion


As a fashionable smart girl, yeah, you always follow the trendy fashion style. You must change your wardrobe with the change of season. You change yourself and up-to-date with the new style. You must keep in the latest fashion style.

2. Modern Classic style

modern fashion

Modern classic fashion is also known as a sophisticated fashion. In classic fashion style definition, it looks you so simple but smart and fashionable. To follow this, you can’t collect more and more dresses.  You can decorate your wardrobe simply with sufficient dresses.

3. Smart casual fashion

Smart casual fashion

Smart casual fashion is a comfortable but stylish fashion. As a modern woman, you can take on this fashion to make you more stylish. It is an ideal fashion for everyday life with a few dresses.

4. Office wear fashion

Office wear fashion

When you are working in an office, you just maintain a fashion. It increases the confidence of you and makes your task easy to do. For this, you need to follow a modern fashion wearing official dresses.

5. Fitness sporty wear fashion

Fitness sporty wear fashion

For health fitness, we go out for regular physical exercise or sports. In this case, fashion also takes an important role. You can follow this fitness sporty fashion to maintain the latest style.

6. 50s fashion

50s fashion

A few fashions have that won’t be old anytime. Like them 50s fashion is still a gold fashion most of the fashionable and smart women. If you want to take a classy fashion, you can take in this fashion comfortably. It is one types of fashion designing tendency.

7. 70s fashion

70s fashion

If you have long and straight hair and you love to add a beautiful flower on it, you just keep the 70s fashion. In this fashion, simple makeup with a normal fashionable look is normal characters.

8. Street style fashion

Street style fashion

The street style fashion is also a fashion that the fashion designer can’t avoid from their list. This fashion is more favorable to urban youth people. It is just a type of dress styles.

9. Pop Rock fashion

Pop Rock fashion

Pop-rock fashion is a versatile style. It can change from person to person, depending on their approach and mode. Normally, without ripped denim plus leather jacket, this fashion is incomplete.

10.Vintage fashion

Vintage fashion

Vintage fashion is very popular and famous fashion. In this fashion, you can find a lot of flowers, hearts, and lace with especial a few colors such as pink or white. It is the loveliest fashion to any smart women.

11.  Extraordinary fashion

Extraordinary fashion

The extraordinary fashion isn’t for a classy woman. It is perfect for those who want an astonishing style with a new era.

12.  Bohemian fashion


Most of the other famous fashion, bohemian fashion is one of them. All the time, this fashion includes exotic pattern and style.

13.  Modish style

Modish style

The modish style is the latest style for modern women. It is so nice and looks you smarter than other styles.

14.  Imaginative fashion

Imaginative fashion

Modern youth people also want to keep their imaginative fashion into their daily life. This fashion may be one of them. It is so stylish that can attract the young generation to modern styles.

15.  Glamorous fashion

Glamorous fashion

Glamour look is the main purpose of the latest fashion. For this, this fashion style is perfect for the fashionable women plus the latest fashion trend for teens.

16.  Celebrity fashion

Celebrity fashion

Who doesn’t to look them as a celebrity? Every fashionable smart woman wants to look them gorgeous like the celebrity. For them, these celebrities will find an ideal fashion.

17.  Minimal fashion style

Minimal fashion style

To maintain minimalist fashion, you must stay closet with the international fashion trend. For this, you need to fit your lifestyle, and it is important to up-to-date yourself.

18.  POPSUGAR fashion

POPSUGAR fashion

POPSUGAR Fashion is a lovely fashion for the young generation. It just follows the street style. Now it includes in street fashion.

19.  Gothic fashion

Gothic fashion

Gothic fashion is also known as a black fashion. In this fashion, black is the basic style. From black hair to black lips, black shirt, and black boots are the general ingredients of this fashion. Super dark cloth also the main things about it.

20.  Colorful fashion

Colorful fashion

Most of the new fashion, colorful fashion is one of them. The youth age group also loves to take this fashion to look them more stylish.

21.  80s fashion style

80s fashion style

The 80s fashion style is also a stylish fashion. To make a memorable look and to define the stylish moment, it is an ideal fashion.

22.  90s fashion

The 90s fashion is no more stylish fashion than other era’s style. The sense of style definition this fashion is so elegant.

23.  Modern trendy with classic

22. Modern trendy with classic

In the fashion style types and categories, the modern trendy with classic fashion is an ideal style. If you like, you can add this fashion to your lifestyle.

24. Feminine style

This style will remind you of the word “Feminine.” Yes, you can consider this style as the ultimate feminine style. If you are fond of this style, most likely, you will wear pink  colored clothes and accessories. And you will be using a lot of makeup. Moreover, dresses like skirts, blouses with lovely details such as butterflies, lace, and bows will be  your favorite.

25. Maternity style

If you are pregnant, you might be thinking about which style to maintain. Basically, during your maternity period, you have to say bye-bye to all other fashion rules. You might be wearing a dress that is also growing with your bump. During this period, you will be wearing dresses which give you much comfort.

Maternity style

26. Hip-hop style

Hip-hop is one of the popular genres of music in the USA. Generally, the singers of this music are known as a rapper. The style of a rapper is a bit different from the typical fashion. ans love to follow the rapper’s style and wear different types of baseball jerseys, bomber jackets, jeans in hip-hop style.

Hip-hop style

Hip-hop style

27. Vacation style

You also can call this style a summer style. This style is followed during a trip. So, all types of relaxation dresses like tank-top shorts, loose t-shirts, caftans swimsuit cover- ups, jogger jeans, long brimmed summer hats, and strappy sandals are part of this style. Moreover, evening maxi dresses for female and semi-formal clothing for males can also be enlisted in this style.

Vacation style

Final thought:

The list of different types of fashion styles just describes the more fashionable and stylish trend. It assists you to make you stylish and design able.

However, just keep in mind; it is a short-list of different types of fashion styles. Your style only can reveal the real personality of yourself. So, select the ideal style and discover yourself with a new lifestyle.

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