Best clothes to wear while working from home

Best work from wear

The spread of covid-19 virus has now become a global pandemic. This invisible virus has caused great destruction throughout the world. Therefore, all the countries are taking preventive measures to control its spread. Almost all the affected countries have imposed lockdown which has led to the closing of schools, colleges and offices. Thus, all the people have been asked to work from home during this crisis.

Working from home can be a bit difficult as compared to working from offices. But a few simple steps such as wearing the best outfit can ease the situation to some extent.

So, some of the factors which must be considered while choosing the best attire are:


Now, that you are supposed to work from home, the very first thought which might come to your mind is ‘something comfortable’. So, while working at home, you can wear clothes which are cozy and casual. But, because you don’t want to compromise on your professional front, you can’t get too comfy as this might make you look lazy.

Thus, you should opt for something which is a combination of both casual and professional look. Also, an outfit which provides ease of movement, while doing the kitchen chores like cooking and cleaning.

If you choose to stay in the complete office wear for the whole day, then this would be considered as a terrible decision and you are sure to regret this later. As you have to stay at home, your responsibilities have doubled, you need to do the house chores along with your office work.

Therefore, you should get into something which is acceptable during an office video conferencing and also something which does not restrict you from doing your household tasks.

Wearing sweatpants, leggings and gym wear can be great settlements as they are quite stretchy and breathable. Also, they don’t require any ironing which can act as a time saver. These bottoms can be worn while meditation or yoga, so you don’t have to change frequently.

The best attire which you can get into is- professional tops and casual bottoms. While attending an office meeting through video calls, only upper part of your outfit is visible. Therefore, a professional top or a blazer is mandatory. But when it comes to the bottom; casual wears can work.


Along with comfort, you must keep in mind that whatever you are wearing, helps you focus and concentrate on your work. If you wear clothes, which are loose and too comfortable, then you mind end up feeling dull and lazy which can have adverse effects on your work.

We are very much aware that our outfit sets the tone of the day, so, you must take out some time from your busy schedule and decide what to wear.

Working from home can leave you with a lot of time as you don’t have to travel physically to the office. This time can be used to discover new combinations from your closet. You must come up with something which is classy yet comfortable.

A research says, that you are more competent when wearing business clothes. During this lockdown period, it is not possible to have dress codes, which might encourage you to stay in pajamas, but you may be heading in the wrong direction.

In order to stay active, you must wear clothes which don’t disrupt your work- life balance.

Dress up for your mood:

Your clothes have a huge impact on your mood. If you are one of those perfectionists, who like to keep things in order and focus on details, then this tip is for you- In order to stay in the vibe of your normal routine, you can change your outfit accordingly.

For example: When you wake up, you can follow the same routine which you used to follow earlier. To get in to the work mode, you can change to your formal clothes during your office hours. And change again into your home casuals, when the office hours are over. This will help you mentally stay in tune to what you are currently doing.

You can also switch looks to change your moods. It is very obvious that staying indoors for a longer period, can make us feel captivated, the only way you can avoid this is by dressing up differently. Changing outfits can shift your attention and can help you get into a better space.

Just like a good looking outfit helps to create work attention by  presenting your personality in any place, a wristwatch can also help you to be punctual during your work. Though most of us are doing work from home being a victim of the situation, it is essential to be conscious of the time. Having to work from home does not mean we have to be indifferent to time. The best automatic watch on your wrist can help you a lot in this regard.

Though there is plenty of variety of wristwatch in the market, but the amazing functionalities of the automatic watches will undoubtedly make you wonder. Any of them will help you to be up to date, stylish and also boost your personality.


Addition of colours to your attire can be a great idea. All of us must have heard that colours play a very important role in our life. Without colors life would have been so boring and monotonous. Similarly, wearing different colored clothes can make you feel differently. Besides, it can also boost your mood and confidence. Colour tones make you feel more relaxed while warmer clothes can make you feel mentally and physically active.

For example: Lighter shades such as blue and green can help you stay calm and

chill while a little warmer shade such as red, orange and yellow can make you more energetic. Therefore, changing colours can bring a huge difference in how you feel.

Using colours:

Accessories: In your day to day life, colours can be used almost everywhere. You can use different coloured ribbons and headbands according to your choice. Neutral and bold colours: A combination of neutral and bold colours can give a fantastic look.

For example: A neural coloured T-shirt can be matched with a loud coloured scarf.

Even colours of socks and slippers can affect your mood. So, choose accordingly! Make up: Vibrant colours can be used in makeup also. To add colour to your formal and professional look, light coloured blushes or a dark coloured lipstick such as red can be used.

Some of the outfits which can be worn while working from home are – skyline pants, outdoor voices Rectrix pants and lounge sets as they are quite comfortable and stretchy. These are suitable for almost all body types.

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