UX Design Skills

6 Unexpected UX Design Skills to Help You Level Up

You heard the term “UX” or “UI” out there in the world of web design, you investigated it and you are trying to understand what processes they refer to. Is that so? The above situation may sound familiar to you, since it is increasingly common to hear about these types of designs. You hear that they help a lot, but…

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reelance SEO Consultant

How to Create Pillar Pages and Rank for High Volume Keywords

Did you know? If you wish to increase the ranking of your high-volume keywords then you just need to create pillar pages and topic clusters, and you’re good to go! Been said that the Google’s algorithm keeps on changing and there have been so many latest technologies and inventions such as Artificial Intelligence, this has become quintessential. The basic and…

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website designer

7 Steps to Creating a Spectacular UX Case Study

We have tried creating a perfect and an impact UX case study for the budding designers. Now that you are embarking on a new journey to hunt jobs on your way, It is the time that you must go through all the study and analyze: There are seven steps in the procedure:  1 Overview 2 Problem and the goal 3…

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content tips idea

Easy Ways to Find Great Content Topic Ideas

As we all know, content marketing is one of the ingredients factors to help build a great website. With regards to content marketing, it might become difficult to create new topic ideas and target all of that in your blogs, articles, social media channels, videos or discussion. It’s better to create a plan and go with that accordingly so that…

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best languages for web development

Top 10 Best Languages for Web Development

There are many programming languages out there for performing a variety of tasks and projects.  But, what languages are used for web development? In other words, what are the best languages for web development? if you are going to learn web development and do not know which of the web languages carries the most value in web development, this post…

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increasing foot traffic

12 Ideas to drive foot traffic to your retail establishments

Does it sound strange when one speaks about increasing foot traffic to the retail shop or store, especially in this age of online Startup and businesses? The answer is surprisingly a ‘Yes’ as well as a ‘No’. Let us look into the various reasons why it sounds odd to talk about generating foot traffic. Similarly, we shall also delve into…

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how to become a freelance web developer

How To Become A Freelance Web Developer?

In the modern world of Information Technology invites people regardless of boundary and clocks. Now in this time this idea and freelancing have become a desirable occupation for many. How do we, the web developers, fit in here? The availability of 100,000+ freelance web developer jobs paying professionals an average of $50,000 over the year makes it clear. Why more…

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Visual Hierarchy

How to Become a UX Designer? A Guide for Design Enthusiasts

As far as creativity is concerned, UX (User Experience) design remains critical creating job title that brings career satisfaction while still being one of the hottest jobs with a projection for substantial growth over the next decade. So, we can’t be surprised to hear a lot of people are asking how to become a UX designer. One important caveat that…

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Amazon Affiliate for WordPress

Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins for Amazon Associates

Amazon association is the greatest way to generate passive income for your moneybag. Almost 5 million people all over the world actively engage with Amazon associate program. Some affiliate marketers earn more then seven-figure in a month with amazon affiliate program. Hence, you are searching this topic on Google, you already have knowledge about amazon affiliate program.  Here, I want…

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Yoast SEO

Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs

In present world, almost 20 billion blog posts are published in each month. Blogging is becoming more interesting and professional day by day. And WordPress makes it so easier than before. Anyone who wants to start blogging can easily setup his blog though world’s largest CMS platform ‘WordPress’.  At the time of creating WordPress website using free plugins for wordpress,…

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adsense bidvertiser

Best Google AdSense Alternatives for small websites

Google AdSense is the most powerful earning machine for bloggers. Without any doubt, AdSense is the first choice of any blogger. By the way, it is not easy to approve AdSense for your blog as a beginner. Even somehow AdSense approved your blog, it also have a risk to ban your account.  Therefore, you have to think about Google AdSense…

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clickbank affiliate marketing

Best Amazon Associates Affiliate Alternatives 2020

Amazon is King! Amazon makes billion dollars sell in a single day! Amazon is one of the biggest platforms for any affiliate marketer. However, earlier stage of 2018, Amazon changed its’ commission structure.  Huge changes and cut downs occurs in new amazon affiliate commission structure, such as computer items dropped 2.5%, Automobile dropped 5%, Outdoor items dropped almost 5.5% and…

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