Top 10 Best Languages for Web Development

best languages for web development

There are many programming languages out there for performing a variety of tasks and projects.  But, what languages are used for web development? In other words, what are the best languages for web development? if you are going to learn web development and do not know which of the web languages carries the most value in web development, this post is for you. you can develop website using following tools but after that you should be include good content that would be create the client busienss impression.

In this article, we are going to show you the top 10 web languages that you should focus to learn if you have got a passion for web development. Let’s dive in. Web development tools are using for various web application development like e-learning website development, jobs portal, corporate website development, lawyer website etc.


What Are the Top 10 Languages for Web Development?

Here is a list of top 10 languages you should learn to cover the front-end and the back-end web development.


HTML is sometimes called the language of the Wide World Web from where everything begins. Both the web designing and web development depends largely on HTML to complete their tasks. In other words, it is almost impossible to be a web developer or designer without a sound knowledge of HTML first.

HTML works to set the layout and the structure of any website. Being the skeleton for your website holding all the parts of it together, HTML is ideal for building static pages.

 CSS :

Being used as a complementary language for HTML, CSS works to design the website with colors and styles when it comes to the presentation of the page content and structure. You can add your favorite color, backgrounds, font, font sizes, layouts and everything related to the visual of your website with this style sheet language. If you are a front-end developer or web developer, learning CSS is a must for you. 


Python is the new king of the age. Being beginner-friendly, Python is very dynamic. One big advantage is that you do not need to work hard for years to learn Python. Though it started as a popular backend language, it is not limited to that boundary anymore. It has become reliable as an any-purpose web language.

Unlike other web development language, the code written with it is very readable. It has brought some popular web development frameworks like Turbo Gear, Pyramid, and Django. With its flexibility and simplicity, it has won the hearts of both web developers and web application developers.


Being a front-end language, JavaScript helps you to perform certain actions that other languages cannot offer. Interacting with the content is one of the advantages that internet users get from this language. Though many may confuse this language with Java, it is distinctively different than Java language.

However, along with being used for the web, JavaScript is also popular outside of this field. From managing the browser to editing content on the documents, JavaScript is important for a wide range of actions. If you want to add animations, have your desired scripts or objects to be shown to the user of your website, you have to use JavaScript.


PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It aids to create dynamic pages within a short time. Though PHP is one of the least-loved languages due to the complexity, it is still the language used by more than 70% of websites as a server-side programming language.

For the easy expansion of web applications, PHP is just ideal to use. Giant companies like Wikipedia, WordPress, Yahoo, Digg, and Facebook have taken PHP as the key language for their websites. One of the benefits of using PHP is that it still releases new updates for the web developers to make their web development journey smoother.

Java :

Java is one of the best programming languages its great scalability and portability. Though it is one of the oldest web languages on the earth, it has not lost the appeal and demand yet. We can bet that if you count some of your favorite games and apps that you use regularly, you will find the use of Java for coding and creating many of those.

Be it making of a smartphone or maintaining mainframe data centers, it is hard to find any digital platforms where Java is not employed. It provides top-class security along with a powerful memory management system. Popular frameworks like Hibernate, Struts, and Spring have come into being from Java.


Designed by Boyce and Chamberlin, SQL started its journey in 1974. It denotes Structured Query Language. For both web designing and web development, learning SQL is an asset. A thorough understanding of SQL programming language is a must for managing databases like MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, etc. You are bound to use it when you are dealing with a large amount of data.

However, If you want to get the best of this programming language for developing a website, you cannot use it alone. You also need to take help from other languages to get your work done perfectly.

Ruby :

Having a lot of common with Python, Ruby is another common language widely used in web development projects. Ruby on Rails is the most popular framework from language. Like Python, it is also easy to learn. You will enjoy learning it as it lets you be creative when it comes to working in the making of your programs. If you face any issue with Ruby, there are multiple options to choose from to solve the problem quickly.

Making a web app with Ruby is comparatively less time-consuming. That’s why many startups and small businesses prefer Ruby on Rails to build their dream website.

Go :

If you did not know that Google offers a dedicated programming language, it is high time, you knew it now! With excellent readability and ease, Go is going higher and higher day by day in terms of popularity. You will be able to solve many problems easily if you use Go instead of many other programming languages out there.

Getting inspired from Python language, Google tried to make Go as swift and easy as possible for the new web developers. For writing concurrent programs, Go comes with better resources and improved features.

Perl :

Perl is another great language for developers to learn. Being general-purpose and good quality programming language, Perl is not a name unknown to the professional website developers. It is a decoded script language which works great for system programming. Due to the advantages it offers, web development professionals are learning it and will be learning in the future.

Which Language Is Best For Web Designing?

There is no one best language for web designing projects. For web designing, HTML and CSS are two languages you must learn. However, for making your pages interactive, knowledge of JavaScript is also important.

Final Words

Web development is a sector that is always growing by the passage of time. If you can learn at least a few of the languages mentioned above, you can go far. However, now that you know what are the best languages for web development, it will be easy for you to choose the best ones to learn and keep yourself updated with the age.

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