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As we all know, content marketing is one of the ingredients factors to help build a great website. With regards to content marketing, it might become difficult to create new topic ideas and target all of that in your blogs, articles, social media channels, videos or discussion.

It’s better to create a plan and go with that accordingly so that you don’t get into the hustle and bustle of creating new ideas every single time at the very last moment. Of course, you don’t wish to lose the time that you have got at your hand. It’s time to take a look at this guide which will help you in effective and efficient ways to generate new topics. You can easily create content now and increase your traffic.

How to Find New Content Topic Ideas?

Here are the top free ways to source new content ideas.

  1. Google Search
  2. Google Trends
  3. Competitor Websites

1. Google Search

Google is the most self-sufficient tool and one of the finest search engines that are used to thing out-of-the-box topics for your business’s content marketing. You can opt for search suggestions and find new recommendations. You can begin drafting the ideation of your topic and then start from ‘a’ letter to search for famous keywords. This will help you in brainstorming the combination of topics with the help of search terms and topics. Many people also use the ‘ask’ section to ask multiple questions and rank your website with the user’s perspective.

You can find numerous topics in the sector under “People also ask”. This will help you spot what is trending on the internet and will automatically drive the traffic to your website. Craft your ideas encircling this pillar. One can also create topics around the ‘related searches’ that your target audience is looking for.

2. Google Trends

Next comes the ‘Google Trends’ that most of the people are using and expanding their potential target and the business reach. This will give you an edge over your competitors and help you build the right audience for your niche of the business. It will also broaden your horizons of being searched on Google. You can experiment with a combination of searches.

For the primary step, you can begin by finding your main topic on Google Trends. It helps in offering multiple results that are trending on Google, Youtube, Image search, etc. After narrowing down your list to the best possible results, you can filter the ones according to the specific region, time period, category. Don’t forget to explore the ‘Related Queries’ section. You can filter the results by drop-down to top queries. Search for the queries that are relevant to your niche of the business and understand what kind of content Google is looking for. This will help you in building the right long-tail keywords that are required in your content. Use that as a base and perform your research accordingly. Locate SEO keywords in your blogs. A Digital marketing consultant will help you in finding the competitor’s results.

3.Competitor Websites

Take a spy look on your competitor’s website. Don’t hesitate to take some cues and suggestions as both are competing in the same niche in the industry. One can take the advantage through the following processes:

  • It’s time to put on your study glasses and examine the blog section of the website. Have a glance and understand what topics they have covered so far. You can target all those keywords and use similar ideas for your blogs. Look for the Youtube channel and use the same method all over again. Target the right audience according to that niche. Make sure that you are not copying and pasting the content. You can take ideas and build your ideas on a likewise concept but plagiarism is NO accepted. Make sure that you have a user-friendly website. You can also place a newsletter pin on your website for monthly feeds and the target audience will get a notification on their registered mail IDs every time when you publish a new content on the website.
  • Another ideal way to find a topic by analyzing the competitor’s content and their ranking using specific tools that are available online. It will give you a fair idea of which topics are ranking higher on search engines and that will ultimately bring more traffic to your website when published. It is quite a simpler process where you can draft results-driven from organic search results.

This whole assignment when done carefully helps you derive the right traffic and position your website on the first page. The keywords will rank on Google and you can also use the SERP features.

You can shorten your search category by narrowing it with the help of advanced filters. This shall help in driving enough traffic and generating leads that result in potential conversions.

TIP: This special feature can be used for the analysis of the entire domain or a particular page. You can also get a fully-structured analysis for new keyword opportunities and help your page rank higher.

Why are content ideas important for Content Marketing?

Now that you have got a fair idea of how the topics work in a streamlined way, you must do campaign and market the content right Most of the marketers imply the 20/80 rule when it comes to creating content and then give share of proportion to the marketing trends Understand both the parameters and get going with an amazing content that is saved by every visitor whoever comes to your website.

If you precisely do all the things as structured above, it will assure to give you a heads up to get the expected results. The competition is there and you can not expect to opt for any topic that does not match your results or that niche of the business. Despite said, one needs to excel in that sphere so that you are able to stay ahead of your competitors.

Hence, it is crucial to come up with emerging ideas that are interesting enough to keep the customers/clients hooked. Examine yourself in their shoes. Validate each of the tools and start getting more traffic every day.

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