12 Ideas to drive foot traffic to your retail establishments

increasing foot traffic

Does it sound strange when one speaks about increasing foot traffic to the retail shop or store, especially in this age of online Startup and businesses? The answer is surprisingly a ‘Yes’ as well as a ‘No’. Let us look into the various reasons why it sounds odd to talk about generating foot traffic. Similarly, we shall also delve into the reasons why it is necessary to boost foot traffic.

What is foot traffic?

We shall look at foot traffic in the marketing sense. Literally speaking, the foot traffic is the number of people visiting the brick and mortar establishments on a physical basis. It is a measure of customers walking into your shop. The reasons can be varied. People come to buy as well as to look around for things that might interest them in the future.

What do the statistics say?

Statistics says that though 79% of people prefer to shop online, physical sales account for about 94% of the total sales of a brick and mortar establishment. This explains why it does sound odd as well as why it is important to have sufficient foot traffic.


Why is foot traffic important?

One has to admit that prior to the online sales, people used to visit the shops for their purchases. Hence, foot traffic has a direct impact on the sales and therefore on the profit. Increasing foot traffic can naturally increase your overall profit. Therefore, foot traffic does matter. We shall look at certain ideas business enterprises can adopt to generate more traffic.

How to Increase Foot Traffic Easily:

1. Give maximum importance to cleanliness:

The first impression is usually the last one. This maxim holds true in every occupation. In marketing, this aspect assumes greater importance. Having a clean store can always do wonders to your business. No one likes to walk into a dirty store. Hence, maintaining cleanliness and keeping things in an orderly fashion is of utmost importance to drive foot traffic to your shop.

2. Extend the cleanliness to the exteriors:

Keeping the interiors of the shops clean is essential. Obviously, the exteriors have to be clean as well. Nowadays, you have shops with huge windows so that customers can directly see from outside. This entails that you keep the windows sparklingly clean every time. Ensure that you sweep the exterior portions and clean your windows on a daily basis. You can distribute these jobs to your employees on a rotating basis. Alternatively, hiring a third party to do the job is fine as well.

3. Give something extra that others do not:

This is the age of intense competition. You should be in a position to offer something extra to the customer. This could be as simple as providing ample parking space. You can have dedicated parking racks for people to park their bicycles. If you have a bigger retail establishment, you can very well afford to provide valet parking services. This can ease the travails of finding a parking place for the customers. Such initiatives can boost foot traffic to your shop.

4. Invest in courteous and smiling staff:

You will not be present to take care of your customers at all time. Your staffs are the one who deal with the customers on a continuous basis. Smiling salespersons can always prove to be great assets to the business. They can induce a higher level of foot traffic with their excellent customer service. Ensure that the staff looks presentable and cheerful. A boring looking person can put off any customer easily.

5. Have excellent relaxing facilities:

Big shops should definitely invest in constructing comfortable lounges for customers to relax for a while. It is always a great idea to have special playing areas for children. Managing children inside a departmental store can be difficult. Having a special area for them can keep the children engaged.

6. Offer complimentary services:

People from all occupations become happy when you offer them complimentary services. It can be as trivial as providing outlets for charging mobiles to offering free beverages. This is the age of the internet. Offering free Wi-Fi services is the normal trend nowadays. The complementary services can depend on the kind of business you do. In case you own a jewelry shop, offer to clean their existing jewels for free. Naturally, this activity can take some time. You customer will utilize this time to browse your shop. This can increase your future sales. Offering complimentary services is a sure way to generate more foot traffic.

7. Provide expert service:

Customers like pampering. In case you run a cosmetic store, you can have a make-up expert on hand to guide your customers. They can provide expert tips that can be of benefit to the customers. This service can bring in more people to your shop thereby generating more foot traffic.

8. Educate your staff:

Generating foot traffic is one aspect of business. Maintaining the same levels and increasing the same in the future depends on the level of customer service you provide. Your staffs are the first people the customers come in contact with. They should know the product well. This will enable them to explain the product to the customers in a better manner. Updating the knowledge levels of your staff is important.

9. Brand ambassadors play a great role:

Every locality will have a social influencer or two. Use their influence to advertise your presence. These people have the capacity to generate more traffic. They have the power to influence people with their choices. Utilizing their services well is beneficial to you.

10. Host promotional events to attract new customers:

Hosting events to launch new products can help in enticing new customers. The more the number of new customers, the more is the foot traffic towards your shop.

11. Provide incentives to your existing customers:

Sometimes, it is easy to attract new customers. Retaining the existing ones can be tough. It is a good idea to provide incentives to your existing customers in case they introduce new ones. This can increase customer loyalty and entice them into introducing new customers thereby generating foot traffic.

12. Use the internet and social media:

Foot traffic is important. However, it is also important to have an online presence. It is true that people like to share information on social media. Use this preference to your advantage.

You have just seen some simple steps to increase foot traffic. These are time-tested methods but have proved their effectiveness over a period. Using these steps to generate more foot traffic to your shop is the best way to increase sales and thereby profit.

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