10 tips to improve your video SEO strategy in 2021

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Getting ranked higher online has become very hard because many people possess good quality cameras and the means to upload their videos online with the help of platforms like YouTube, but not all know about video search engine optimization strategy. It has become really important to stand out in this highly competitive world to get noticed.

Imagine you have scripted very good content for your video, edited it, spent time strategizing it but it did not get ranked. Devastating, isn’t it? To get your video ranked, you have to optimize it, and video SEO is slightly different from the SEO of publishing content.

In 2020, 92% of total marketers considered video as a vital part of their marketing technique.

Your video will get a higher rank when the keywords related to your video are entered, and your video’s optimizing strategy is correct.

Here are the 10 points you should keep in mind to improve your video SEO strategy:

Try matching algorithms of search engines

 Google, yahoo, bing, Yandex, and many other search engines out there are highly concerned if your website matches their algorithm. You can rank bad content with a good SEO strategy, but you can’t rank good content without a good SEO strategy.

That doesn’t mean that you can make anything and put it online, because search engines monitor the relevance of your content and then rank your video accordingly. The number of views you have on your video also plays a great role in ranking your video.

Use frequently researched keywords

 If you are not posting something that the viewers need, there is absolutely no point in making a video. Using relevant keywords doesn’t mean stuffing the keywords unnecessarily and between anything. If you are using a certain keyword, make sure that you include the content related to that keyword.

Because the former way will be considered cheating the viewer, and it will surely affect the future videos you make and post. So try to make content surrounding the keywords that you are using. To know which keywords to use, you can easily find many websites online that provide well-researched keywords and the difficulty you will face while using a particular keyword.

Making Superior Customer Analytics:

SEO or search engine optimization is a superior option for driving traffic to the extent. It is quite an efficient option to be pushed more for gaining higher traffic in the web search.

In 2018, people spent 67 minutes average per day and it is expected that the day watching online time will increase up to 100 minutes in 2021.

One of the most important aspects to be considered is behavioural analytics in 2021. In the modern-day, Google has been evolving faster for providing more satisfaction for the customers. It also involved the following:

  • Better UX
  • Higher Conversion
  • Higher Revenue

 Make focusing on your video a priority

 Ranking your video is certainly a very important part of making your video successful and highly viewed. But that doesn’t mean you only have that on your plate while making the video. You are making the video for yourself because you want people to know about something you like and want to sell so try to enjoy making your videos.

People like the creators who have a good influence on them and have a good influence on them you have to show them that you are content with what you are doing and happy while doing it. Viewers connect emotionally with some of the content creators because they see something in their videos, and then the viewers religiously follow them and come back for more.

Add subtitles to your videos

 People worldwide have a different accent of speaking, so to make every person understand what you are saying, you will have to speak very slowly and show everything with signs and actions. What a bummer right, the better way to make everyone watching your video understand what you are saying is to add subtitles to it.

Adding subtitles doesn’t only solve the problem of accent, but it is also helpful when the viewers are watching the videos on silent. Many people prefer watching videos on silent when they don’t have a hearing device around, so subtitles on the video will increase their chances of viewing.

Focusing On The Page:

Implementing the right strategy that focuses on the page on increasing visibility would be quite an efficient option. Posting the videos at the right time helps to gain more attention from the public.

It would automatically naturally lead to higher pay rates to the maximum. Normally, the Search crawlers index the hidden videos online.

When the video is embedded or hidden under the fold, you have a lower chance of getting ranked in the top position. It is important to have your videos in the front position in the search engine. Improving the video crawl would mainly helpful for increasing the page.

Creative thumbnail

When you search for a video on a video streaming site like YouTube, you find many videos related to the search. But you choose the one with a picture indicating that it’s the best video for your search. How does this happen?

The small pictures that appear in front of the video majorly decide if your video will be viewed or not. It is known as a thumbnail. A thumbnail should have the ability to convey the story of the whole video in a single picture.

To make the thumbnail attractive, you can use stickers of offers and sentences to attract the video. Or you can add the best part of your video that you think the viewer will be eager to watch so that the viewer will click on your video specifically for that part, and your viewer’s number will increase.

Remember that you should always add a thumbnail of your choice otherwise it will be auto-selected, and it might seem unreliable to the viewer if the auto-selected thumbnail is a frozen mid image of the video which is unrecognizable.

Uploading videos on many platforms

 Never simply rely on self-hosting your videos it’s more hard work than it’s worth. Sharing videos on third-party platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia can be very useful because then your video can be viewed by millions of users who use these streaming sites simultaneously.

The problem with self-hosting your video on your website is that it takes too long to load, and multiple people cannot view it simultaneously. If your video is consuming more space than 50 Mb, most web hosting providers will prohibit you from uploading such a large file.

Instead, you can just upload your video on YouTube with catchy phrases and leave your website address in the description box. If the viewer gains interest in the video, he or she may click on the address hence increasing the traffic on your website.

Mobile optimization

 The majority of people watch videos on mobile than on desktop. However, desktop viewing has a key role in driving traffic to your page; your videos will never rank if your videos are not suitable to play on mobile phones. Choose the hosting service that automatically optimizes all of your content for mobiles.

As of 2019, Google has rolled mobile-first indexing. Under this process, the search engine gives more importance to the mobile version of your website.  With this new feature’s help, more internet users have been accessing the website through mobile devices. By 2025, more than 80% of internet users would be accessing the WebPages through their Smartphone.

A recent mobile-friendly test by Google also assures that there would be more improvement in online searches. To ensure that the webpage is a complete user friendly, it is important to implement the SEO standard. Publish your videos on the video streaming platforms like youtube, which focus highly on optimizing videos for mobile viewing.

Mobile optimization is also highly affected by factors like dimensions of the video and loading speed. If you are uploading it on platforms like youtube, then the platform will take care of mobile viewing on its own, but if you are uploading the video on your website, you have to take care of them yourself.

Video content should be relevant to your webpage

 Not only your videos but your webpage should also be search engine optimized. If your videos are optimized, but your page quality is bad, then the crawler bots won’t even bother to crawl in it in the first place.

One more thing that is important for your video to rank is that your video should be relevant to your web page.  If the page that you are embedding your video in does not relate to the content and title of the keyword, then the chances of the video getting ranked are fairly low.

Link building

 Link building is done when its viewers share the video’s link and get attention. Link building increases the chances of your video getting a high rank. One of the best link building methods is to collaborate with reputed YouTubers who have a channel complementary to yours.

Ask them to promote your video and page by describing your link in their description box and do the same for them in return. Collaborations tend to increase the views on your video as well as improve SEO.

Get professionals for different video making needs

 Don’t think that you can do everything for video making by yourself. You need to take care of many things while creating a video like SEO, editing, setup of lighting and background, transcription, picking the perfect equipment and using them, and whatnot.

If you are good at one thing, let the tools or many freelancers do the other tasks. Don’t be a miser, because when the video gets ranked.You will gain much more profit than you had invested and everything from your hard work to your investments will be worth it when you see your video in the top ranks.


The quality of your videos decides the image of your brand online. The higher the content and editing of your video is the more reputation it gains from the viewers. If you are selling something to the viewers through your videos, having a reputation is necessary to build trust between your possible buyers and your brand or company.

Keep making the viewers for their feedback on your video quality or try to get answers from them by asking some questions or give them some options to choose from. Try to get them to comment that will not only help you in the future to improve the quality of the video or the answers you seek for your products, but it will also increase the engagement on your videos.

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