Unusual Link Building Strategies for 2020

In recent past, it was easy to rank by stuffing keyword. However, today it is avoided by Google. Even spun contents were good to rank on google. Google SERP is smarter than before; your website will get penalized if you continue than practice.

If you go back in past 5 years, websites were ranked because of just doing spammy backlinks. That time every single backlink was countable and effective. However, present situation is totally different. Google only counts good authorities’ backlinks to rank any website. Bad or spammy backlinks are culprit for dumping your website.

link building strategies

Will backlinks and link juice loss their importance to rank any website?

To rank any website, backlinks still work greatly. However, you have to ensure that you get backlink from relevant and authority website. Matt Catts still believes that without good authorities’ backlink it is hard to rank on the top position of Google. Backlinks still play a vital role for ranking any website and still remain a part of google search algorithm.

Getting backlink from authority websites is not too easy task. But you have to keep in mind that getting backlinks from authority websites is the only way to get sustainable rank on SERP. For this purpose, outreaching is the great way to get such types of link.

We researched and observed that many marketers use different types of link building technique for getting rank without justifying the link’s effectiveness. However, in this article, we are disclosing some unusual technique of building backlinks which are effective and catapult your rankings.

Write Your Successful Case Studies and Share

People love reading successful case studies to learn. Some people regularly follow influencer’s post. If you can write an eye-catchy successful and motivational case studies, it will be higher chances to get featured on other’s blog as a success story.

We can share an example of a Pakistani affiliate marketer whose name is Lokman, the owner of 10beasts.com. He starts earning $4000/months from amazon affiliate program from his 4 months old blog. His success story was published in many renown blogs and automatically he got backlinks from many high authority websites as well.

Therefore, we suggest you to use this unusual tactic so that influencer’s blog shows interest to give you credit on their blog by putting your story’s URL on their blog.

Seeking Attention to Your Surround By Companies

Suppose you have a product review blog. You can choose some companies related to your niche, then you can make review of their product on your blog. Even you can make a short note to give some credit to them. These business owners automatically find your blog  from search engine and they also give credit your blog to their own business blog.

Suppose, you have a food review blog. You can try this technique with this niche. Just review foods and mention the restaurants where this food is available. In this way, you automatically can seek attention to the restaurant’s owner. And they also will be happy to share your review URL on their blog.

Get .edu link in free of cost

Though google prefer relevant links, still .edu links is working at ranking on the SERP. It seems easy to get .edu backlinks just following some special technique. Make sure that you make these links with relevancy.

  1. Offer some special discount of your products to the university student. Suppose you have an online bookshop; you can affiliate with any university’s administration to give discount your product or give some special offer to this university’s student. In this way, you can seek attention to university administration and they will put your website link to their university/college website.
  2. Make a scholarship page and offer scholarship to college or university students.You can make offer what you can effort. Suppose your budget is less, then you can offer scholarship for waiving one semester fees.

3. Arrange a competition for university or college student. For example, you can arrange an essay writing competition for your niche. In this way, you can seek attention to university authority to put your website URL on their academical website as well as you will get many unique contents for your own niche.

4. Inspire and pay students to create blog. If you have enough fund then you can use this technique. You can embed your website’s link on their blog.

Create Simple Job Listing Board on Your Website

If you are operating a niche like adding value to community then this technique is greatly work for you. Just make a job board on your website and list jobs from renown organizations. In this way, companies will start sharing your post on their social media platform as well as they will show their interest publishing your website’s link on their company’s website and that will be a brilliant link-baiting technique.

For example, you can see jobs.problogger.com, they use the technique and we counted their backlink profile. They gain 70k+ backlinks just using this technique including many .edu and .org domains.

Launch a meetup and build Your Community

Recently Harsh Agarwal, the owner of shoutmeloud.com, arranged a meetup where bloggers from 13 states of India attends the meetup. Actually, when you are thinking to do blogging, you have to build your blogging community with your nearby bloggers. That will help you a lot. You can discuss with different issues with other bloggers. Even you can discuss with them to exchange backlinks or other link building strategy.

Offer a free tool or any assets which add some value

If you offer some free tools to your readers, that will be excellent to seek attention and get backlinks from other blogger’s blog. Suppose you have a SEO service company; you can establish a website analysis tool for your readers. If your tool is really worked for another website’s owner you will get automatic backlink.

We can see a live example from neilpatel.com. The owner of nielpatel.com is Neil Patel introduced a great tool to his reader where bloggers can analysis their blog and get suggestion how to improve ranking and traffic as well.

You can see another live example from backlinko.com. The owner of this website is Brain Dean. He also introduces an excellent SEO optimization tool. Other bloggers suggest his tool on their blog and he would manage thousands of links in this way.

Final Words

It is said that more than 70% individual pages are at least one backlink from another website. And for today’s perspective, quality backlink is must if you want to get sustainable rank on SERP. We highly suggest you, try to implement any of above these backlinks’ strategy. We are hopeful for your success. Post your comment on below if you know any other unique techniques.

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