Actionable Strategy of Internal Link Building

internal link building

Today, I will show you the strange of internal backlinks which is one of the most powerful SEO techniques. Though almost 90% website’s owners don’t take it seriously. However, I will share you my experience about it. Recent past, I use this technique on of my affiliate website, one of my major keywords rank up #25 to #4 within a matter of week. Another money keyword ranks up from #31 to #6. It was extremely quick and surprise me a lot.

It is so easy to boost your traffic just using this simple technique which carries no risk of getting penalties from Google SERP. Here I will share you my personal strategy about building internal link.

What is Internal Linking?

Basically, we are seeing two types of links in any website. These are internal link and external link. Before starting our discussion of our selected topic ‘internal link building’ we have to know about the backlinks, that’s I add this session here.

Internal backlink is these links of any website which redirect the visitors in another page of the same domain. Suppose your are the owner of domain, when you put an internal link of with the hyperlink then it will be internal backlink for this website.

Otherwise, external backlinks are these types of links which redirects visitors to another domain when site’s visitors click this link.

Simple, right!

internal link building

Reasons Why Internal Links is Matter for SEO?

#1 – Discover Your New Content on Google FAST!

Normally Google uses crawling for any new content or updated content to discover it on SERP. When you post a new content on Google, Google send its’ bot on your page and try to get information which topic you want discover on this page. Google bot check your keywords and home page as well to identify your new page. This is the actual why to place your content on Google SERP with relevancy.

However, you do internal backlink on similar pages of your website that will help Google bot to understand your new content. Even if your old page is strong enough then it works greatly. Because bot send some link juice as well from your old page to your new content page.

In some CMS Systems, (e.g. WordPress, Joomla etc.) you can add plugin which make internal backlink automatically for every page of your website. But you have to aware about Google penalties, because without relevancy your internal links building strategy will not work properly.

By the way, be aware – make it relevant!

#2 – Google Count Internal Backlinks to Rank

After seeing the point, surely you have question on your mind that really google count internal links for placing rank on SERP or not. The answer is YES. It is said that internal link is one of the 200+ important ranking factors on Google.

When you are linking a page to another page that indicates you give importance of this specific page. Google also like it. Bot wants to know which are the most important pages of your website.

Suppose you want to give some extra priority of page ‘a’. For this you can though the link of page ‘a’ on your other pages (e.g. page ‘b’, ‘c’, ‘d’ & ‘e’). You do this because you think page ‘a’ is more important and relevant page then any others. Google also counts page ‘a’ as like as you.

Even, Google counts relevancy of the link. Don’t forget to put ‘anchor text’ on the internal link. You should use your ‘long tail main keywords, on these ‘anchor text’. When you use anchor text on internal link that means you tell Google about the topic of your content or indirectly you are seeking rank to Google for this keyword which are you used as an anchor text.

Don’t think about penalized by Google Algorithm Update. Because Google is much more lenient about the issues of internal links.

#3 – Use Internal Links for Making More Money

Basically, in the context of any website, we know that more traffic is more money, isn’t it? Yes, if you can follow proper internal backlinks building strategy, then you can expect much more visitors on your website. Not only that! When you real visitors come on your website, you drive your visitors to another important pages. In this way, you encourage your visitors stay more time on your website that will bring profit to you.

Suppose, you have an affiliate website when you should baby products. When a visitor come to your website though search engine and he visits a page where you discover ‘baby sitter’ that time he may go other page and buy other products if you can properly link up. Like, you anchor internal link of a page which is discovered ‘baby mug’, you can expect your visitor come that page and buy mug also for his baby.

Another issue comes, when you can turn your visitors into your website that is ‘reducing bounce rate’. Google don’t like your page if your visitors don’t like. how Google can understand that your visitors don’t like your page? When people come your website and do some activities on your website, Google feels this website is helpful to visitor and boost its rank on top.

2 My Favorite & Proven Link Building Strategy to Boost RANK!

#1 Use Automatic Internal Link Building Plugin to do FAST

This is very quick process of link building. When you don’t have enough time to manage your internal linking, you can try this automatic process. Remember, this process is only working for WordPress users because you have to use a WordPress Plugin named ‘SEO Auto Linker Plugin’.

When I am thinking to use this technique, I follow 3 easy steps:

Step 1: I make a excel sheet with the list of my website’s URL and find some keywords according to every single URL. For finding your site’s URL, Search on Google (site: your website URL). You will find every page of your website. Another way is also available here, you can get these URL from your sitemap. And for finding keywords which are relevant of these URL, you can use semrush or ahrefs.

Step 2: Now you should find LSI keywords for your seed keywords. LSI keywords means long-tail keyword. For this purpose, you can use

Step 3: Finally, go to your WordPress dashboard and install the plugin ‘SEO Auto Linker’. After activating of this plugin, you can add link and keywords for every page. When your keywords found on any where of your website, this plugin automatically create a backlink for your targeted page with anchor text of your targeted keyword.

#2 Manual Internal Link Building is BEST

Yes, if you have time then do it manually. Because in automation process you don’t have control about where your link is placed. However, my opinion is that manual process is 100 times better than automation.

By the way, you have to follow 3 easy steps again for doing manual internal link building.

Step 1: As same as automation process. I mean finding your website’s URL and targeted keywords.

Step 2: As same as automation process. I mean finding long-tail keywords of your targeted keywords.

Step 3: Go to every page and manually set up backlink for your targeted page. No need to take more than one link from any single page.

Wrapping It Up

You shouldn’t neglect Internal Link Building because it’s still working and very powerful factor to rank your website as fast as possible. My last suggestion is, do it SMARTLY.

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