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Amazon is King! Amazon makes billion dollars sell in a single day! Amazon is one of the biggest platforms for any affiliate marketer. However, earlier stage of 2018, Amazon changed its’ commission structure.  Huge changes and cut downs occurs in new amazon affiliate commission structure, such as computer items dropped 2.5%, Automobile dropped 5%, Outdoor items dropped almost 5.5% and so on. However, still amazon affiliate makes huge impacts of your affiliate earnings. 

It is said that “don’t invest your all capital in one basket”. According to this provoke, you must have to know the alternative earning sources before starting any niche project. Even you can run two to three affiliate platforms’ ads on your niche.  Today, I am here to discover some important and most effective amazon affiliate alternatives. 

#1: ShareASale Affiliate

ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate platforms with more than 3900 merchants and the largest inventory of vendors. Matched contents with merchants products is the keys to success in ShareASale’s affiliate program. This platform provides you almost all available data to boost up your sells as well as commissions, such as: Average commissions from per merchants, average sales of merchant, per-click earnings and so on. 

ShareASale can be the number #1 amazon affiliates’ alternative to boost up your income. If you can use this platform properly with matched content then there will be great change to maximize your niche profit.

share sell affiliate

#2: Rakuten Affiliate

Rakuten is very popular and one of the best amazon affiliate alternative. Rakuten designed its’ affiliate program following Amazon old business model where commissions of marketing depends of quantity of sell. When, you can manage a higher sale, you able to make a higher payment percentage as well with the baseline of commissions’ percentage 3.5% to 5.5%. 

Rakuten Affiliate

The specialties of this affiliate platform is rotating ads which is working as ad rotation and helping you to make large amount of sells routine product to your visitors. Deep linking facilities and its’ user friendly interface make it unique than other affiliate platforms. If you are working with electronic niche, Rakuten can be the best suit for you. Because its’ provide comparatively higher commission on electronic niche than any other platform. 

#3: CJ Affiliate

 CJ (Commission Junction) is the world most established affiliate networks for marketers designed to assist their sustainable growth, achieve intelligent and scalable. I think CJ is the best amazon affiliate alternative. Somewhat you can take CJ affiliate by replacing Amazon affiliate. There are lots of renown brands on CJ which provides the highest commissions in overall affiliate network (for examples: Autozone 8%, Barnes 8%, Fitbit 10% and the list is more than your think!)

Though I consider CJ affiliate is the best affiliate networks over the world, it is hard to get approved on this network. Because this platform is too much professional and they only allow top brands and quality publishers on their network. You should optimize your content on the best possible ways to get approval in CJ Affiliate Network.  

cj affiliate

#4: Click Bank Affiliate

ClickBank is one of the oldest affiliate networks in my list. If you have an informative website, ClickBank affiliate network is the best suit for your content, because you can link up digital product from ClickBank to your website. If you are working with digital product and information, nothing is better than ClickBank to you. You can put link on e-book or online service or improvement courses on your niche. 

The user friendly interface makes it easier than other service based affiliate network. The marketers’ commission is varying with vendors offer. Here marketers are able to choose the vendors to link up. Presently they concern their product line and introducing reviewing process which helps to listed on quality products. 

clickbank affiliate

#5: Walmart Affiliate

Walmart would be the best amazon affiliate alternative for some selected products. Suppose if you are working with ‘toy’ niche, Amazon will pay you 3% commissions when Walmart pay 4%. In this ways, there are many products in Walmart which commission is higher than products in Amazon. However, you are working with the niche of ‘home improvement’; Amazon can provide you 8% which is far better than Walmarts’ commission.

Therefore, Walmart affiliate is for selected product line, not for all. By the way, there is important information for you about Walmart. Walmart cookies for 72 hours or 3 days where Amazon offers only 24 hours or 1 day cookies. Noted, cookies means when a visitor comes the network though your website, network counts the user and sell within cookies time. I mean, more cookies time is more better than less cookies time. 

Walmart Affiliate

#6: eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network is one of the most popular and the oldest affiliate network. You can use it as alternative as Amazon affiliate. Understanding commission structure is bit difficult than Amazon. However, eBay is trusted and comparatively high conventional than other amazon affiliate alternatives. Even you don’t need any website to make commission here. Just share products link to your friends, family and relative, when they purchase something you will get commission. 

Otherwise, you need an eBay affiliate link manage if you want to share link with your WordPress website. Confidently, you can try this one of the best Amazon affiliate alternative.

eBay affiliate

#7: AliExpress Affiliate

AliExpress is the sister concern of China’s giant Alibaba Group. It is the trendiest brand in my list and their business is growing up rapidly. They introduced their affiliate program in the beginning of 2013. They offer more than 100 million products to their customers. Affiliate account is totally free for all. 

Considering affiliate earning, Aliexpress is truly competed with Amazon affiliate program. They have 30 days long cookies facilities. Their average commission is counted at 8% for any product. However in some products, the commission will grow up to 50% which is extraordinary commission structure for physical goods.

AliExpress Affiliate

#8: Best Buy Affiliate

If you are working with technology niche and electronic produces and your targeted customers are from USA, Canada and Mexico, you can join Best Buy affiliate program. Honestly, I am not too much interested on Best Buy affiliate program. I listed it here and suggest you try this when your all options are running out as well as you are banned from Amazon affiliate program. By the way, You can find them on Rakuten which is discussed on above.

Best Buy Affiliate 

#9: Newegg Affiliate

Newegg is an online electronics and tech shop with more than 500k electronic products. They offer 2.5% commission which is comparatively better than any other who deals with electronic products. Even Newegg offers comparatively better commission than Best Buy. They run their business all over the world with worldwide shipping facilities. You also can find their affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

newegg affiliate

#10: Banggood Affiliate

Banggood is another good amazon affiliate alternative when your niche is technology. They offer up to 8% commission with fifteen days cookies. Banggood operates their business all over the world with their 700k plus quality products. It is easy to create Banggood affiliate account. 

Banggood Affiliate

#11:  Target Affiliate

Target Affiliate is almost similar as Amazon affiliate. However, they don’t have such huge product line as like as Amazon. But, they offer good commission rate with 7 days cookies which makes it somehow better than Amazon. They offer 1% to 8% commission rate which is depended upon your selling quantity. That’s mean, sell more to get better commission percentage. By the way, you can consider Target Affiliate as top competitor among the list of Amazon affiliate alternatives. 

target affiliate

#12:  Zappos Affiliate

If you have a fashion niche with USA targeted traffic, you can take the advantage of high commission from Zappos. They sell jewelry, shoe, campaign gear, cloth, bags, watches accessories and much more related to fashion. Noted, Zappos is not international brand. They only operate their business on USA. By the way, you also can find them on CJ.  

Zappos Affiliate#13: Avantlink

Avantlink is a reputed Affiliate program that has been in the playground for a long time. At each possible category, you will find a merchant at Avantlink.

Sole fitness, JohnsonFit, and Diamondback Fitness are some of the popular merchants in Avantlink for Treadmill. You will love to hear both CJ and Avantlink are covering nearly 80% of the top-rated treadmill merchants.

Be remindful; I have used a treadmill as an example only. If you do research, undoubtedly, you will find a few other affiliate merchants in different niches.

Few Tips to Improve Conversion Rate When Supporting Other Affiliate Merchants

  • Let the visitor understand why they will purchase from the merchant you are sponsoring. You can share personal experience regarding the recommended merchant. Also, you can create a section name “Why purchase from?”
  • Review products that are unique to your merchant and are unavailable on Amazon make sure you have mentioned this product is unavailable on Amazon.
  • Before picking a niche, confirm you have chosen a niche where other merchants are also playing great besides Amazon. For example, supplies, survival niche, and many more. Research before selecting your niche.

Final Thoughts

Due to being banned from Amazon affiliate program, short cookies time, living in wrong place, limited payment options, phone verification issue or any reasons if you are not able to start amazon affiliate then there are lots of options for generating income to your niche website. In above, I already told top 12 Amazon affiliate alternatives which are proven and effective than any other alternative. However, I would like to mention other alternatives which I didn’t list on above; such as Click Sure CPA Network, Avangate Affiliate, Jet Affiliate Program, Etsy Affiliate Program and Overstock Affiliate. 

Therefore, I finally share total 17 options to generate income for your niche beside Amazon affiliate program. I suggest you to make a proper strategy before applying all these alternatives. I am confident enough about your success by implementing these alternatives. Wish your success on blogging. Happy Earning! 

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