The Ultimate Guide to Wearing the Right Polo Sports Shirts

Polo sports shirts

Polo sports shirts can be defined in several ways. They are for preppy, as well as sporty people. They require low-maintenance, and they go well under a jacket; however, polo shirts are not just for one type of a guy or a place. Just like t-shirts, polo shirts are very much for every occasion.

It is no under wraps that people love these shirts. In this post, we shall discuss the different types of polo shirts with you and how to wear them the right way. Korean men fashion style is very gorgeous in asia.

Wearing a Polo Shirt:

When a polo shirt is worn correctly, then it becomes the most iconic piece of clothing for men and women. One can ruin his/her entire outfit by wearing an improperly fitting polo shirt. Let us now look at some tips on how you can wear different kinds of polo shirts:

Short-Sleeve Polo Shirts:

This type of polo shirt is the right choice for a forever classic look. It is a more traditional choice for wearers who want to look smart and remain comfortable. The fit for this kind of polo shirt is loose, thus you can move around easily while wearing it. This type of polo shirt is an impeccable choice for casual golfers, tennis players, and other athletic people.

You can also leave the top two buttons unbuttoned of short sleeve polo shirts. If you want to look smart while wearing a polo shirt, then we recommend you to opt for a short-sleeve polo shirt. Whether you opt for a slim fit style or a regular fit style, make sure that there is no extension at the shoulder seam so sleeves must sit close to the arms and the shirt should end just below your belt.

Long Sleeve Polo Shirts:

This type of polo shirt is a great option to wear in cold weather. You can either wear this polo shirt dressed up for a smart casual look or dressed down for lounging around the house. These polos can support you well if you live near a place where the weather is either cold or rainy. Make sure that you do not wear an oversized long sleeve polo, as a baggy polo will make you look much larger than your natural height.

Polo Shirts for Sports:

Do you know the difference between a standard polo shirt and a polo that is, intended for sports? Polo sports shirts are meant for performance. These polo shirts are designed to allow wearers for a wide range of motion, and most of these polos have moisture-wicking properties, so you won’t experience large circles of sweat under your arms while playing the game of golf, particularly on a hot summer day while wearing them.

If you have any interest in buying a sports polo, then you must check the materials of which these polos are made up of. You should avoid polo shirts for sports that are made up of thicker materials. You should go with the polo shirts for sports that are made up of a synthetic blend of materials.

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Polo Shirt:

We know that people wear polo shirts with everything, ranging from dress pants to jeans. Wearers wear polo shirts to play baseball games and attend casual dinner parties. But have you ever try a wristwatch with a polo shirt? Not yet? Please try it. A classy watch on your wrist can improve your personality a few times more. Why don’t you try any automatic wristwatch to match your polo shirt? A beautiful automatic wristwatch can add a different dimension to your dressing sense.

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A polo shirt is a famous outfit among all age people.Moreover, you will find many individuals having at least 10 polo shirts in their closets. Let us now see some dos and don’ts of wearing a polo shirt:

If you love polo shirts, then there are a few rules that you should keep in mind:

  • Avoid wearing an undershirt with a polo.
  • Wear polo shirts as fitted shirts and not too tight shirts.
  • Get the right size polo according to your height.
  • Make sure that you do not pop your collar.
  • Make sure that your polo shirts do not manifest big logos.
  • Do not wear too long polo shirts
  • Polo shirts that you may wear should be slim and fitted & not tight.
  • Do not unbutton all the buttons.


Hopefully, you now know how polo sports shirts should fit. It is time you built your polo shirt wardrobe. You can pick your desired polo shirts in various styles, and you should have a close look at the fabrics while opting for a polo. Performance polos will be ideal polos for you for a golf course. You should not feel afraid to wear your polo shirt either dressed up or dress down.

If you search online for a polo shirt, then you will uncover numerous retailers; however, it is up to you to decide: Which will be the right online retailer for you for the purchase of a polo shirt? There are certain things that you should keep in mind while wearing a polo shirt. In other words, there are dos and don’ts of wearing a polo sport shirt. Lastly, be wise if you want to grab your hands on the right polo shirt for a particular occasion.

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