How to Grow Your Social Media Platform with 5 Instagram Tools

top 5 Instagram Tools

Instagram, certainly not a new word for you. Instagram was created in late 2010, since then it has active users for more than billions and has a total of about 800 million active users, monthly. Adding on, it is the most emerging social media platform to grow your business. The social media marketing agency is taking an active role in using Instagram for promoting the business.

As the popularity has increased, everyone would gain advantage of this popularity and why would not? More or less social media platforms are the best in generating revenue and grows the business faster. Here, are the 5 top Instagram tools to know that would assist to grow:

1.Boomerang From Instagram:

As the social media has taken the charge over and everyone is in a race to be the best in lesser time. So, here comes the Instagram tool to entertain your needs. This tool is a 1-second long video that requires no extra effort like; audio, filter effects, dialogues, or so. You do not have to do anything but, simply you have to capture a moment and flaunt it. At times, just a second can create a lot of difference and might be your boomerang stands out to be the best.


Do you want to know how to optimize your Instagram traffic, organically? Here, is the answer “linktree”. The linktree is a free Instagram tool that helps you in generating organic traffic. For instance, you are a blogger, content writer, a make-up artist or any artist in general, or you are the one that runs any social media campaign. These are the things where linktree helps you and grows your business. The link of your page would work efficiently with this free Instagram marketing tool. Moreover, it will boost your followers so, why not give it a try and use this Instagram tool as an influencer.

3.Life Lapse:

It works the same as boomerang but, it is a bit of advanced level and has more features than a boomerang. It is accessible on android and iOS, both. This Instagram tool has new features like new and exciting GIF videos, longer videos, more breaks, and astop-motion feature too. Moreover, you can take a lot of pictures as you want as it has infinite images option, also, you can customize your video size and quality too. You can adjust the speed of the images too which means it depends upon you for how long a single image can last. At last, you can add music too from royalty-free music too, to enhance the quality of your video.

Best Seo Services is using Instagram and its effective tools grow the business. As it covers alarger audience and reaches out to many. 


It is another active marketing tool hosted by Instagram, but, there is a catch and that is it is accessible on iOS only and does not operate on android. Nevertheless, the audience having an iPhonecan use this tool. The details of this tool are; it has a library of many fonts and animations that help increating iconic pictures and videos. You can also shot a picture or video by using the application, moreover, you can edit a picture or video taken from another application. It is the astound-level marketing tool given by Instagram to enrich the followers and grows the business. The social media marketing agency is trying best to get this tool for android users too, but currently, it is for Apple users only. If it gets universal and can be accessed on both then more market can be covered.

5. Sked:

It is the finest Instagram tool to grow your social media platform. The tool is accessible on the web, android, and iOS too. The tool sked has a wide variety of features and so, gives an impact on asocial media platform. This tool is not for FREE but yes, it offers a seven-day free trial to figure out about the application, its tools, and its features. This tool helps in running more effective campaigns and works like magic.

The tool has a photo-editor feature, which edits the picture like no other. By using the feature you can make your pictures unique and stylish. It has a built-in image feature that cannot be omitted and helps in originating the finest image/picture for yourself. Sked offers a feature for the bulk of images. By using you can upload numerous images and none would get stuck.

Wrapping up:

Instagram has a lot to do with social media. It is the top-most effective social media platform that would help you to grow your business even though, Social media marketing agency  feels like if Instagram may lose its popularity then it will be a great loss of the markets. But any soon it does not feel like that Instagram would ever lose its charm.

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