Solar Nails:Things You Need To Know About Solar Nails

Solar Nails

In the world of adorning the nails, we experience many new trends popping up now and then. The use of solar nails is one of the crazy trends of the time. Though the trend started earlier, it was in no way popular before as it is now. It is very easy to do it at your home and most importantly it looks amazing and natural as well. If you want to compare solar nails with the acrylics, we can bet that solar nails score better. In this article, we are going to discuss a lot of things related to the solar nails including what is solar nail, how to use and remove it, how long do solar nails last and other issues one by one. We will also try to put some solar nail designs in different phases of this post. Just keep going.

What Are Solar Nails?

Informally speaking, if you blend the classic French manicure along with the upgraded version of acrylic nails, the solar nails come into existence. They are different from acrylics primarily in two senses. First, solar nails last way longer and the second difference is that it seems much realistic than acrylics. You will see two colors in it- pink and white. These colors tend to create and offer you a French manicure look. Some people may know it as white and pink nails as they see it usually. You do not refill them as frequently as acrylics. You need to fill these up only once in three weeks.

Solar Nails
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Some Differences Between Solar and Gel Nails

Though many people confuse these two together, it is important to make a distinction between these two. Yes, both solar and gel nails are indeed artificial. Yet, there exist some differences. First of all, gel nails use polymer resins with UV coat on the top. But, solar nails are created with the blend of powder along with a monomer. Secondly, you have to use a UV lamp to set and cure the get nails whereas solar nails can be dried by air. Thirdly, the solar nails are not as heavily glossy as gel nails are. And finally, you have much scope to choose from a variety of colors when it comes to gel nails where it is limited to two for solar nails.

solar nail vs gel nail

Solar Nails vs Acrylic Nails 

There is not just one single difference between solar and acrylic nails to be more precise. Though virtually they seem to be the same with the identical composition and features, the main difference lies in the way you apply them. You can directly apply the solar nails on your actual nails. But this is not the case for the acrylic nails. You have to take the assistance of fake nail extensions for applying the acrylic nails.

When it comes to appearance, the acrylic nails look quite unnatural and fake, while the solar nails seem natural and fresh. However, in the question of durability, the acrylic nails are more durable as they last for weeks while the solar nails last only around 14 days.

Acrylic nails are very cheap when compared with solar nails. To talk about the flexibility, the acrylic nails are hard and robust while the solar nails are more flexible.

Generally, the solar nails are more preferred upon the acrylic ones as the chance of any accidental damage is the minimum. When it comes to refilling, you have to refill the acrylic nails more frequently. That’s the very reason why solar nails are good for saving money in the long run though you need to pay more at the beginning.

Solar Nails vs Acrylic Nails 
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How To Work With Solar Nails At Home

If you love DYI tasks, this is a great chance for you adorn your fingers with solar nails straight from your home. Solar nails at home! Yes, you have heard that right. Let’s now see how to use solar nails from home and how to remove them.

Required Solar Nail Kit 

  • Nail file and buffer
  • Acrylic liquid monomer
  • Solar nail powder of pink and white color
  • Primer or base coat
  • Nail brush

Steps For Doing Solar Nails At Home

Here are the steps that you need to follow to do solar nails on your fingers.

  • The first step begins with preparing your nails. At first, trim them to the length you desire. Shape and buff also as per your choice. There is no problem if you keep them short or long. It does not matter at all.
  • After making your nails ready for the solar nails, apply two layers of base coat on the nails you are interested to do solar nails.
  • Bring out the monomer along with the pink solar color powder. Take a small amount from these and place inside separate containers.
  • Now take a brush and dip that mildly into the liquid. When it is done, dip that brush then into the powder. Move the brush in a circular motion to let the powder and the liquid make a gel-like consistency.
  • Take a smaller brush now. Get the gel on it and pat down the mixture on to the beds of your nails. Gently spread it out. Repeat this until it’s even.
  • Repeat this process now taking the white color. However, do it just on the tip of the nails and allow some time to let it dry.
  • It is great if you own a nail drill or electric filer. Use any of these to make the solar nails smooth and even. Don’t forget to apply a topcoat.
  • You are almost done to reveal the brand-new shiny look of your nails. Buff your nail now and you are done! Look at those pink and white nails. Don’t they look amazing?

How To Remove Solar Nails Step By Step

Though the solar nails fall off after the three weeks, you can also get rid of it before that time if you want. However, you do not need to go to the salon to get those fake nails off. Fortunately, you can get those off from your home. Here are the steps you need to follow to get rid of your solar nails:

  • Choose a comfortable location first. It can either be a table or work desk.
  • Reducing the solar nails make the removing of the solar nails much easier. Try to reduce the nails as short as you can.
  • Take a polishing pad and gently polish throughout the surface of the nails. However, try not to damage the nail plate in any way.
  • Take a small bowl and then pour some tidy acetone in it. You cannot eliminate the solar nails with routine nail cleaners. It is really important to wash your hands well before dealing with this process.
  • It is now time to lubricate your nails. You can use nail polish for this purpose. If it starts drying soon, you can choose to use Vaseline. By the way, do not let the Vaseline reach the top of the nails as that may obstruct the acetone to reach deeper and the nails to liquified better.
  • Immerse or dip your fingers in the acetone bowl and wait for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Take your fingers off from the bowl after 20 minutes and try to get rid of the solar nails. Using t toothpick will make the job easier.
  • However, if you still find the nails hard to eliminate or if they are hard yet, you can put your nails on the acetone bowl again for about 5 minutes. This will make the nails very soft now.
  • Try to eliminate the nails again and now you will find it easy to get rid of the solar nails. When you are done, clean your hands off very extensively so that the residues of Vaseline and acetone gets away. By the way, if yet your nails are stubborn, using nail gloss will help.
  • When you are done with the process, dry your hands off and apply olive oil and cold cream so that your nails get back its original wetness. 
remove solar nail
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Solar Nail is Refillable

Yes, interestingly, a solar nail is refillable. It means you don’t need to make a frequent trip to the salon. Also, you can save both your valuable time and money.

Quality artificial nails don’t fade away within 4 weeks. Even you will not get a dull look of solar nails within this period. If you are a busy woman, you can’t resist yourself to love this idea.

No discoloration at the time of Tanning Session

Some women think their solar nails will get discolored when it gets exposed to the sun or during a tanning session. They fear the solar nails will fade away because of the bearable heat.

The fact is, this is not the case. Say “bye-bye” to your worries because solar nails don’t show any reaction to sunlight. And you don’t need to fear thinking about the fading issue during a tanning session.

Solar Nails are durable

This is another fact of solar nails that is making it popular among women. High-quality materials are used to manufacture artificial nails. And these materials confirm solar nails are not prone to breaking.

The whole artificial nail gets protected due to several coatings that make it much durable. So, solar nails tended to provide long-lasting service.

Provides Shiny and Glossy Look

Acrylic nails have an additional coating of nail polish that is giving it a sparkle appearance. Sometimes, acrylic nails color fades away, and they show a dull look.

However, the buff of the solar nail doesn’t fade away. It provides a more natural and practical look as well as remains shiny and glossy for an extended period.

Need to know solar nail
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Final Words:

We hope that you have now learned a lot of information regarding the solar nails. We prefer solar nails to acrylic ones due to increased safety and ease of use. Using solar nails are safe and does not damage your fingers or nail beds if used with caution, used and refilled correctly.


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