Elegant Bridal Trends To Spice Up 2020 Weddings

Bridal Trends

Your big day deserves everything, from bold colors and unique necklines to everything in between and edge. The last year’s trends for the aisle were all fabricated by the inspiration illustrated from drama and classicism of royal weddings. But 2020 is all about fresh interpretations of those classics. Fangled alternatives to ivory and alabaster and spurs from decades past that undeniably feels of forward-thinking.

From the extravagant wedding-worthy accessories to effortless styles and the new take on bridal’s ever-evolving bohemian. These intricately fresh takes on tailoring, design, and silhouettes are what you should be paying attention to and pinning as you plan, shop and style your 2020 panache for weddings.

Top Trending Wedding Styles For Women

Buff Sparkles The New Blush

Blush gowns marked their territory in the season past but buff and ginger (the fine medium between blush and champagne) complements every skin tone and suits a wide range of styles, making it our new favorite alternative to tried-and-true bridal whites. These shades are mainly for the brides who don’t feel like she’s at her best in alabaster tones and traditional ivory. Keeping in mind “Out with the old, in with the new hue” pair it with gold, black, blush, ivory, or bolder tones for a look that feels aesthetically daring yet romantic and nowhere near basic.

All Things Frothy

While volume in bridal dresses is nothing new, this season noted an influx of a new type of texture and that is our beloved-froth. Full of movement, weightless, all dramatic and full dreamy, this ultra-charged romantic look emerged as fashion to boost self-esteem and wafted down wedding halls in droves and came in the form of ruffles, ripples, tulle puffs, and pleats

But if you are after heavy gowns that add a lot of volume without actually feeling all of its weight, this is the type to be focused on. It’s all effortless in its grandeur and frothy skirts are infinitely, unapologetically more photogenic than stuff silk or satin ballgown which proves to be a burden for beautifully dressed bridesmaids and page boys galore to look polished.

Coat Dressing

A few seasons back this style bought in all the rage and statement suiting but this year, it went unstoppable in styling wedding apparel. In another adaption of streetwear for the aisle, this look demands you to wear outwear as aisle-wear in a way that you flaunt the waves it makes.

From cultural silk gowns with a subtle neckline-to-hem closure to lace-appliqued trenches, these amazing bridal coats are supposed to be worn as gowns or chose them for layering your beautiful dresses. So, the message is simply clear, you can have fun with fashion and play your best dress up game, even for moments as epic as your ceremony.

Minimalism To The Core

Meghan Markle without any doubt. Flipped the pages and took this trend to the next level with her completely adorned Givenchy gown. But as some brides make immense efforts to go grand, tapping it all over lace, embroidery, lengthy trains and volume to the max, others are strolling all minimal to their core

In a nutshell, no lace, no beading, and no excessive draping or fanfare are sacrosanct in choosing your ‘big-day’ outfit. Minimalism look entails no fuss, no frills bride who loves sleek shapes, clean lines, and architectural elements-in minimal doses. These dresses are all about millennials contributing to ethical fashion and when it comes to fitting, this look blesses you with impeccable tailoring

Flaunt It With Full Coverage

Since last year’s royal nuptials, we have seen the ‘Duchess’ effect in full vaganza- particularly as it relates to the modesty and coverage. Full overage look levels up the volume even by keeping things concealed rather than making it feel all matronly, that it feels undeniably fashion-forward.

So, this 2020 go all flamboyant with mock necklines, cuffs, long sleeves, and tons of texture. This conservative-along-with-a-twist-style proves that regal has many forms and ballgowns aren’t a pre-requisite to rock your bridal look.

Leg For The Day

High-low hemlines paced their ways to runways and even to weddings but bridals cut to the chase. They demand legs, legs ad more legs to suffice their aesthetics. Be it via short hemlines, thigh-high slits, or new takes on high-low hems, ladies want it all. Yes, weddings are considered to be holy and harmony but what does it have to do with legs? Showing off your legs via macro minis and super-high slits shouldn’t be reserved for after-parties or civilized ceremonies. Pair them with a veil and they are all ceremony-appropriate as well!

Envy Lushful Greens

Soft colors have been underrated for years now. This 2020 Spring, highlight a soft green with macaron shades of pink, nude, purple, or soft grey. And while buff wedding dress has become a mainstay, it’s pistachio’s turn to take a march down the aisle, with a variety of options in more than one shade of green to envy.

80’s Scalloped Necklines

The ’80s have been making a comeback in unexpected, far more ways than just one—and scalloped necklines are just another nod & extra oomph to fashion’s most daring decade.

Sweetheart necklines trail the body with sexy curves while a straight-across strapless or plunging V-neck feels all graphic and subtle. Scalloped finishes the double duty work, making you feel all fresh gifting you the feminine touch that only the basic of bridal necklines can offer

Pace Up This Lace

From Alencon to Chantilly, Guipure to corded lace, and all the embroidered and three-dimensional options in between, lace is perhaps bridal’s favorite. All the intricate nets and details have a different story to tell! The reinvent wheel in this category proves challenging and one feels all ready to morph into the varied options when the subject or laces arises in bridalwear. Lace for the aisle? Groundbreaking and breathtaking it is!

Lace options unlike those we’ve seen before were all adorned and popping on bridals giving all the extravagant vibes, be it any style or climate. Lean into all the new lace options and start styling your wedding apparel before it gets too late. Macrame and floral laces feel effortless while more graphic options create an aura of a modern take on traditional wedding dressing. So, bring the feel of your gown into your veil for even a greater impact- but when you go head over heels in styling, make sure it looks authentic and not overwhelming.

Fangled Fresh Tiers

Fangled tiers might just be as ubiquitous as lace when it comes to weddings but what’s retro is new again and this 2020’s versions feel considerably fresh.

The layers have taken more subtle approaches in the past but what’s the fun part in that? For 2020, you need to consider tulle layers that feel more cream puff than your classics and add volume through pleats than actually adding weight. These A-line options and full-skirts are for the brides who doesn’t take herself too seriously or craves for all modern-day princess look with extra frills and fuss.

Wonders Of Watercolor Strokes

While we’ve already mentioned styling soft colors this 2020-be it blush or the introductions of green and buff for the aisle, this style is all about a softer take in all the things- they can be gowns in shades of pink, yellow, blue, lilac, and beyond or dreamy floral prints.

This wedding mantra is for women who want to go all gaga over florals but want to style it all minimalistic with soft hues.

Can’t Match The Prairie Vibes

This is yet another alarm for the boho bride with a Victorian twist. Empire waists, puff sleeves, smocking, and an overall ease ministers this look which is equal part chic milk-maid and fashion-fairy nymph.

This effortless, pastoral look is for ladies wanting some Victorian gothic vibes on their wedding

Clever & Sleek Corsetry

Corsets as outwear are marching its way to the aisle- but this time it’s less sexy and more regal than ever before!  From exposed boning to other fears of engineering fashion, these new corsets are paired with gossamer laces, tulle, and loads of layering for a vibe that feels deeply royal-inspired from the Victorian era but with a major edge.

The best part about corsets is, you can wear them anytime and still, they wouldn’t seem extra. They also serve as intimate gift options for your partner post the wedding. From corsets flaunted on classic ballgowns to innovative options featuring asymmetric pleating, high-low hemlines, and more. We’re loving this new spin on sophisticated sexiness.

Ruffles & Feathery Frocks

From fully feathered wedding gowns to chic little minis. Luxurious yet lightweight twilight feathers add a glamorous and feminine touch to any look for the ceremony, after-parties, or dinners. We have seen varieties of plumes this year and when it comes to embellishment, designers have one just one message: Do not skimp!

What might have felt trite or hard in seasons past is now all theatrical and chic. 2020 is indeed all about the flairs for the dramatic oomph. This trend feels luxe and grand but at the same time super dreamy. Whether it’s just a dainty trim, glamorous shoulder shrug or a full head-to-toe look, this style fulfills every dream of your wedding dress

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