How to Figure Out If Short Hair Will Suit You

short hair

Short hair is all the rage these days, and you’re not wrong if you wish to get some of the hair action for yourself as well. Many people think it’s excellent, but short hair’s standout benefit is that you can almost do no wrong with it anyway. Do you want it a bit messy? Do you fancy gelling it down back? You’re almost sure to look nice however you want to rock the hairstyle.

However, you might have reasons to hesitate on short hair – and no, it’s not always because of the personality. Short hair has a specific fit, which means it might vary from person to person. With the slew of famous people rocking the hairstyle recently, it’s okay to confirm if you can hop on in the boat. The article should help figure out if short hair suits you, using some physical guidelines.

Consider what kind of short hair exactly

You didn’t think short hair lives and dies by trimming down the hair with a clipper, did you? There are numerous short hairstyles from which you can choose, which means you don’t have to worry much about “variety.”

For example, let’s talk about the Pixie Cut. It made a lot of waves when celebrities wore the look (Rihanna is one notable example), and it looks just as lovely if you’ve got a long face. Other cute hairstyles include:

 The Mohawk cut

Mohawk hair cut

Asymmetric bob

Asymmetric bob hair

Pompadour cut

Pompadour cut hair

There’s so much from which to pick, and it’s nice to know that you can play around to personalize the look afterward.

The 5½cm rule

Let’s begin with the mathematical parts of the topic. You can quickly determine if you get the green light on short hair using the five-and-a-half centimeter rule. It is a measurement value that saves you from the doubts and stress of trying (and sometimes failing) to nail the right short hair fit.

How did the 5½ Rule come in existence? The Rule was John Frieda’s invention, and he happened to be a notable hairstyle innovator. He had studied faces and shapes and concluded that the jaw bone angle ultimately determined whether someone can rock short hair. Therefore, the 5½cm Rule states that you’re clear to wear short hair if your jaw bone (the entire face area below the ears) measures 5.5cm or less.

You can measure by holding a pencil by your chin and a ruler by the bottom of the ears. Mark the number on the ruler where the pencil touches at a right-angle intersection. If you’ve got 5.5cm or less (2.25 inches, if you prefer that), you’re good to go. Overall, the Rule works fine and exact, according to the research sources.

Check out your face shape

If you’re not a fan of holding stationery against your face, you can take a more natural – albeit longer – approach to checking if you’re fit for a short hairstyle. More than letting you know short hair fits, your face shape also determines how low it can get.

One just needs to stand in front of a mirror and observe the face shape. If you’ve got an oval-shaped face (forehead to chin looks like an egg), short hair will sit glamorously on you. A round face (with outlines that makes a face look like a round fruit) can be suitable as well, but only if you are willing to make some modifications, like making the short hair a bit longer.

Furthermore, rectangular or square faces (faces with angles at the jawline and forehead) would have a more challenging time, as short hair only draws more attention to the curves around the forehead and jaw. Luckily, you can do it with a short bob with swept bangs on the side of the face to flatter the angular jawline.

Pay attention to the hair texture

We wouldn’t expect that you cut your hair short immediately you find out you’ve got the face for it. You still need to consider your hair texture as well to ensure that you get the perfect fit. For one thing, thicker hair makes a short hairstyle a tricky affair. You risk getting a triangular shape on the hair, which may not flatter your looks as much. The workaround is to leave some hair layers under the hairstyle or have someone do it for you.

Additionally, you can cut the hair shorter than usual if it’s got a fine texture. It holds a double duty of preventing the hair from weighing down on itself and giving the impression of more volume. Finer-textured hair has it better overall. Short bobs and messy waves are all on the table, no-holds-barred.

Tie it all together with your lifestyle

Your lifestyle significantly determines how much the short hairstyle would fit you in the long run. Are you the type that follows the rules on fashion (especially the mathematical ones)? It wouldn’t be challenging to maintain short hair over time. On the other hand, if you tend to pay less care to your hair, you might have a more challenging time keeping the looks, even when it fits.

Short hair is high-maintenance, which means you’ll have to visit your stylist often to maintain the right length and style all through. Some people tend to get “bedhead” more quickly due to their lifestyle, and if you’re one of them, the maintenance process might a bit more tedious.

Final thoughts

Short hair is an excellent addition to the list of hairstyles that are trending at the moment. Some people might swear by it, while others may say it’s the best thing after sliced bread. However, it is okay to try to see if a short hairstyle fits you as an individual before joining in on the rave.

For one thing, rocking a cute hairstyle is about short-term fit and long-term maintenance. Finding a balance between the both allows you to look good for as long as you want. The tips mentioned earlier would help you find the balance as it concerns your lifestyle and personality.

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