Build a Personal Brand by Social Media

How to Build a Personal Brand Through Social Media

Branding is marketing in disguise. It’s easy to market when you have a product or service that you offer. But if the commodity is yourself, how does branding apply to you? In 2020, personal branding is an essential tool. People love to know who you are and what you do, sometimes more than they are interested to know about your…

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business website marketing Essence

Why Business Website is the Essence of Your Marketing Approach?

Every business owner wants to see the success of their business.  We all want an increase in sales, capture more customers, and increase the exposure of our brand. Always consider relying on your websites when it comes to advertising your online business as it remains the core of internet marketing. Your Businesses the online face of your company. It is…

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Social Media Influence

Influence of Social Media in Day-To-Day Life

There’s no doubt social media has influenced our daily lives in many ways. It doesn’t help that the internet blew up and became as big as it is today. The popularity of smartphones and tablets has also contributed to the popularity and the influence of social media in today’s society. Many users on different platforms made meaningful connections through social…

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