Technical Analysis Of IQ Option App

Technical Analysis Of IQ Option App

The ability to stick markers and symbols to an online chart is one of the most important features offered by IQ Option to traders. Drawing tools are rare in a binary option platform based on the Web, and indicators are even rarer. A number of technical analysis tools are available in IQ Option, making it extremely functional. What are the real benefits of such graphics, and what is the purpose of using such indicators as part of daily routines?

Understanding the Value of Drawing

An important part of technical analysis is the drawing board. The main reason is that many trading systems and a significant number of strategies assume traders are relying on certain elements of a chart-for example, support and resistance lines. Trading lines and shapes, as well as timeframes, are all personal decisions for each trader. Markings on a diagram are therefore helpful for this reason.

Such markers can be used in many ways. It’s common for them to display trends, of course. Trends are critical to options trading, so it is very important to keep track of them. Chart patterns can also be discovered with the help of the drawing board, including Diamonds, Triangles, Three Peaks, Head & Shoulders, etc. we will discuss below in detail about IQ Option review.

Technical Analysis of Three Peaks

In the diagram, an example of a Three Peaks pattern is shown. But it is difficult to determine the entry point. For example, the point at which the support line breaks through. Graphics offer a clear and easily understandable entry point into the process of generating figures and keeping track of the results.

In addition to working with simple patterns that can be generated on the diagrams, the tools can also be used for graphical strategies. You can also use it to use indicators available on the platform.

Technical Analysis Index

In addition to Bollinger bands, moving averages, RSI (Relative Strength Index), and Alligator, we should note that the platform is equipped with four widely spread indicators. You can use all of them in either a solo or a group capacity. Market indicators help traders predict the direction in which prices will move.

 Bands by Bollinger

There are a number of popular indicators such as Bollinger bands. This report creates a corridor within which price moves based on moving average data and standard deviations. Using the corridor borders as a focus, we can identify the entry points. In the case of a price break below the lower limit, we should buy a CALL option, in the case of a price break above the upper limit, we should buy a PUT option.

 Averages move up and down

The moving average shows the average asset price over a predetermined period of time, such as 14 days. An indicator of a breakthrough occurs when the chart crosses the moving average. Signals are more accurate when the interval is longer.

Relative strength index

Candlestick charts only permit the use of the Relative Strength Index (RSI). Among the most widely used indicators globally, this is also very popular. It measures the magnitude as well as the strength of price changes. In contrast to other indicators, RSI is built in a separate window located just beneath the chart rather than displaying on the chart. This indicator is used in many different strategies.

The alligator

When it comes to popularity, Alligator is in close competition with the previous indicators. A moving average is displayed for three different periods. This indicates that the trend is about to begin when the lines cross. All three lines begin to point in the same direction when the trend begins. Our next step should be to follow the trend. Based on Alligator, traders around the world have successfully employed simple and profitable trading strategies.

A technical analysis indicator provides clear entry and exit points which are not only completely understandable, but also straightforward. Furthermore, Alligator allows the trader to track all the opportunities since analyzing the price movement properly requires additional information than what an indicator can provide.


compliance in the trading world reveals a company’s reliability. In all countries where IQ Option operates, the company complies with all regulations. A CySEC license was granted to IQ Option Europe Ltd in 2014 and it is registered under the name IQ Option Europe Ltd in Cyprus.

Accounts can be opened with IQ Option in two different ways:

Introducing Demo Accounts

Free Demo Accounts provide a reloadable balance of $10,000 and access to all of a Real Account’s features.
You can practice trading strategies and learn about the platform using this.

An Instant Account

The Instant Account is activated as soon as you deposit just $10. It is possible to earn and withdraw profits from this account.


You must pass a verification process before withdrawing money from a Real Account. To ensure a quick processing of withdrawals and deposits, it is highly recommended that you undergo verification soon after signing up.


There is an impressive range of assets on multiple trading instruments and state-of-the-art trading technology at IQ Option. Trades can be executed using an intuitive interface with helpful educational resources.

Open an account with IQ Option for free and use the demo account as much as you like. You need a $10 minimum deposit before you can open a standard account. E-wallets, wire transfers, and bank cards are all available for deposits. A fully verified account can withdraw earnings at any time.

The Bollinger Bands, for example, can determine when traders should enter, based on the support and resistance lines. When trades are minimized, they are less risky. Getting a drawing board is nearly always required for those lines.

Different types of indicators and graphics can be used on the IQ Option platform. Put all indicators and markers on one chart to make your technical analysis even more efficient.

This is a great tool for traders as it provides everything a trader needs to conduct accurate technical analysis. In addition to identifying exits and entrances more effectively, users can take care of risk reductions through the analysis of diagrams.

You can make more money with indicators and diagrams, as well as different tools. Additionally, drawing tools are useful for implementing some profitable strategies based on indicators as well.

Trading using IQ Options drawing panel is not only helpful for hedging and working with patterns, but it is also crucial for traders. Indicators and graphics can help traders earn a regular income.

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