8 Fashion Tips To Keep You Looking Stylish At All Time

How to dress simple but stylish, everyday fashion tips

Worried about keeping your closet evergreen? We know your wonders about that beautiful and expensive dress last week, and if it will work in the long term? Investing in fashion needs some thinking as it is an ever-changing cult.

You need to stick to the trend yet be pocket-friendly, and if that’s tricky for you, we are here to help you. Fashion revolves around the same poles, you just need to identify them and use them wisely to keep up with them!

Let us tell you some simple tips to create your wardrobe as you ever wanted!

1. Know What’s Basic

You always need to keep certain fits in your closet.  You see similar clothes that are worn differently make something new out of it. for e.g. basic t-shirts, a statement black dress, a perfectly fitted pair of jeans, some neutral colours of button-down shirts, jackets for layers, be it denim or leather or any kind you like, and a pair of solid coloured leggings. If you look closely, you get a complete wardrobe just in these clothes. You can either create the most basic styles with them or create something new out of them, but every other trend includes them, so you can keep with every single one of them through these basic fits. Now since you need to keep them for the long term, keep a great quality check on while buying them. These are one of those clothes you can invest on, and rely on.

2. Fitting Is The Key

Every outfit has a particular fitting that compliments it. Some are skin fit while others may be designed to bring out the baggy look. To get the perfect look you need to make it fit properly according to your body and its own original fit. This could be quite a tricky thing to maintain as the brands generally bring out clothes for generalized sizes and how the majority of people have their body structure. However, it can never be justified as everyone has their own unique body structure that may not fit the generalized design. So to get out of the generalized trap of brands, you must get your fits tailored with custom designs and the most suitable fitting. This will keep all your clothes looking good on you with their original design and the right fit. You may find it quite difficult to find the right tailor, but that’s just for once. Another perk for getting your fits stitched is that you can bring changes to their designs and patterns according to you, you don’t need to buy something because you like a particular feature.

3. Know The Body Proportions

We generalize the outfits with basic 50:50 division of our body into an upper half and lower half. That’s a boring mistake we commonly commit. The right way is to bring out the different features of different fits. Divide your upper and lower fits into 60 and 40. This brings out the special features of anyone and creates a deep impact on the vision. This can be different shades of the same colour or totally contrasting patterns and colours. You can bring out the most basic outfit, a fancy one only if you know how to design it. On the other hand, without proper design, you can mess up the best patterns and turn them boring.

4.   Little Things Make A Great Impact

The outfit is just not about your clothes. You need to give details with your accessories. An earring or a chain or a belt or shoes, anything can bring great changes to the look. You can bring out different outfits with the same clothes if you know how to wear the accessories. For instance, you can wear a baggy shirt with tight-fit jeans and also can bring it out as a shirt dress if you pair knee-length boots with it. These are two totally different moods and suit totally different occasions but through the very same clothes. Adding on a corset to any shirt makes it quirky, whereas wearing it with simple pants can bring out the most basic formal look.

5. The Trick To Shop Right!

Since fashion is an ever-changing algo that never sticks to the same and never will. In order to cope up with the trend, you need to invest in the right manner. There’s no point in buying expensive statement dresses that you won’t wear after once or twice you flaunt it somewhere. Try renting the most expensive and statement dresses by buying them. The fits that you need to wear for a while such as current trending fits that eventually will fade out, buy from cheaper sites and stores. The quality eventually won’t matter as you are gonna switch to something else.

Doesn’t matter how much you like the colour, don’t fill your closet with the same colours and patterns. Bring out the versatility, get different looks and types to be ready for every possible occasion.

6. Bring Out The Creative You!

To be evergreen you need to think evergreen. Learn that a piece of cloth can be designed and worn in a hundred ways, you just need to find your best-suited one. You can wear the same high neck with jeans and leggings, or with skirts. You can make a fall fit OOTD out of your favorite summer dress, only if you know how adding a sweater upon or under it, according to its structure can bring out the cutest yet warmest fit for you. Another way is to recycle clothes. YOu can redesign or re-stitch your clothes by merging two old clothes or just modifying one,  into another, totally fresh dress for you.

7. The Simple Add Ons

Think of a basic high neck dress, but you can wear it to the fanciest function. Not kidding you, just add different layers to it, wear a layers neck chain, or a corset, that brings out the most fancy fit. You just need to know how you can use your different small add ons to bring out greater changes. Try pairing a bag and boots with the same patterns and divert the attention from the outfit making them an important element. A pair of boots, a bag, some jewellery, or another piece of cloth that creates something new. Use your imagination and will to utilize the best out of your money invested.

8. Be The Trendsetter

The best brand has always been your own. Clothes are another language to talk about your ideas, beliefs, culture and so much more. Bringing out your own individuality and unique approach is the best manner to be in the trend. Once you wear your own idea, you know how to be comfortable and confident with it. Bring out different characters of clothes and make something of your own. Buy what interests you and design it in the way your instincts say. That’s the real and most intimate trend.

It’s never as tough as you think, just a few wise steps, and you are done with the classiest yet quirky while keeping it a cute and sassy closet. In short, you can be anything and everything at once!

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