How to Grow Hair Faster Than the Usual Method

Growth Hair Faster

Who doesn’t want to grow their hair faster?

Whether you are a man or woman you secretly desire how to grow hair faster to try out all those new hairstyles. But nature does not always take our sides, right? You might long for healthy strong hair and show off that attractive asset but the rate of your hair growth does not cooperate with you.

So how can you grow your hair faster as a man?

Growth Hair Faster

Well, it would be great if you could grow your hair overnight but you are not a machine or product where immediate changes can be installed overnight. We all expect quick results in our life. But rushing would not bring you any satisfactory result.

It will either make you frustrated or hopeless about the growth of your hair. So to expect good results at first stop believing in those fake miracles and make your dream come true by bringing two changes in your life:

  • Taking extra care of your hair
  • Changing your daily-lifestyle

Yes, you have heard me right. These two changes can definitely help you to grow your hair faster. As genes are responsible for hair growth, these two changes can bring the highest level of your hair growth genes.

Taking extra care of your hair:

You can take extra care of your hair by following any of these techniques.

Hot oil massage:

hot oil massage

It is all about the roots. If the roots of your hair are clogged and not healthy enough to let the hair grow, how can you expect a faster growth of your hair? You need to take care of the roots as well as your scalp to stir growth.

You can do that by massaging hot oil in your scalp. Just take olive, coconut or argan oil and heat the oil and massage it in your scalp for 5-10 minutes. The massage will activate blood circulation of the scalp and eventually the hair follicles will get proper nutrients.

Using apple cider vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is considered to be good for hair as it is rich in vitamins and minerals. It can also control the fungi or bacteria that prevent hair growth. It also can control and balance the ph level of the hair.

You can use it by creating a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. Take three parts of apple cider vinegar and one part of water and store it in a spraying bottle. Every time you after using shampoo, sprit this mixture on your hair and keep it for two minutes and after that wash it off.

You will definitely feel the volume in your hair.

Using onion broth:

Onion Broth

Onions are rich in nutrients that can stimulate hair growth. It can also add shines to your hair. Make onion broth by boiling small pieces of onion for 10-15 minutes. Coat your hair and scalp with the cooled broth and keep it at least for an hour. After that wash it off with cold water and dry your hair naturally.

Using egg white and aloe mask:

egg white and aloe mask

Egg whites and aloe vera are great for hair growth. They will not only moisture the hair but also give the appearance of healthy hair.

Just mix egg white and aloe vera and coat your hair and scalp with the mixture. Keep the mask for at least 30 minutes and then rinse it with cool water. Use this mask once a week and you will feel the faster rate of your hair growth.

Using a deep conditioner:

Deep Conditioner

Conditioner is really important for your hair. To keep your hair healthy and avoid the damage caused the shampoo you should use a deep conditioner.

Simply buy a deep conditioner from any drug store and follow the instructions.

Changing your daily lifestyle:

We often do things that do not seem to have unhealthy consequences. Those little habits can cause hair loss if they are accumulated. Why give them chances to hamper your hair growth when you are working so hard by taking extra care of your hair.

Following are some disguised habits that can hamper your hair growth.

Brushing hair:

Brushing Hair

Brushing hair is good for hair growth. But we overlook the importance of brushing hair properly. Men are not always conscious of the proper way to brush their hair. So as a man you should know how this little habit can help you have faster hair growth.

Just because your hair is short it does not mean you don’t need to brush your hair. Brushing hair stimulates the scalp and helps you to have faster hair growth. Brush your hair at least 3 times a day and don’t forget to avoid brushing when your hair is wet.

Using hot tools:

hot tools

One of the perks of being a man is your hair is usually short and so it is easier for you to avoid hot tools such as hairdryer or iron. These hot tools can make your hair frizzy and thus will prevent your desired hair growth result.

Using hot water:

hot water

Washing your hair with hot water can cause hair loss. No matter how refreshing it is to have a hot shower, it will definitely damage your hair by opening the hair shafts. The essential and valuable moisture can come out and thus can make your hair brittle.

So even if you love a hot shower, do not use hot water on your hair.

Drinking less water:

drinking less water

Well, it may seem cliché that drinking lots of water can give you healthy hair. You need to be hydrated if you really want faster hair growth. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water to get the necessary moisture for hair growth.


stress hair

Stress can definitely be a cause for the lower rate of hair growth. I know you deal with lots of staffs that can cause you to stress even though you want to avoid it. But trust me, everyone has to deal with it. So you need to think of the alternatives that can reduce your stress.

Regular exercise, yoga, having fun habits, travelling or even listening to music can reduce your stress level. Just find your favourite ones and use them to avoid stress.


This is our how to grow hair faster guide for you. If you start to take extra care of your hair and avoid doing the things that have slightest chance to cause harm to your hair, you will definitely notice a positive change in your hair growth. More or less the rate of your hair growth will be increased for sure.

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