Women and their Love for Shoes

women shoes

In many ways, men and women are distinct, but when you think about shoes, a schism appears between the two genders. For women, shoes are a consuming fascination. A couple of new women shoes are considered essentials. In comparison to clothing, shoes have a direct benefit.

For a long time, the fascination with designer shoes has become the privilege of celebrities, millionaires, it-girls, and socialites who are associated with accessories they decorate themselves with. However, what was once maintained by the privileged became a phenomenon for the public.

Shoes Define You

Shortly until a child learns how to walk, the relationship with the shoes starts. Little girls put on a pair of mother’s shoes, ideally high heels, and quickly strengthen the understanding of what being a woman implies. And what happens then? They grow into adults and become the exact size as Mummy, and on the first individual purchase of footwear, their identity starts to show itself. As an individual, the shoes represent a personality. They are markers of a woman’s age, mood, and desires at any given time.

Women’s shoes define gender more than any other. And still, something remains reasonably sure: high-heeled footwear is the focus of fashion, which marks the distinction between women and men and nothing else.

Women shoes became the most important feature of the popular women story, whether it be the glass slippers of Cinderella or stilts used by characters of “Sex and the City.”

The Eight Guidelines for Happy Feet

Attempt to follow these eight instructions below for a happy and healthy set of feet:

  1. Audrey Hepburn recommended purchasing a half-size pair of shoes because comfort is more important than elegance.
  2. The feet begin to get broader and wider when you grow older. It’s pointless to squeeze the normal 6 1/2 max. You’ll be 7 1/2 after the age of 40.
  3. For some reason, it is better to purchase shoes at night because they are at their biggest and not in the morning.
  4. Remember not to put on the same shoes in a row for too many days. Preferably, you must switch them every day so that they don’t lose form too fast.
  5. If you do get a chance to chill at the beach or at home, try walking barefoot.
  6. Massage the bottom of your foot with a tennis ball after the whole day of walking with high heels on.
  7. Look at your grandmother and mother’s feet. Many mild deformities are inherited but preventable.
  8. Whatever shoes you wear and how your feet shape, embrace and enjoy them, and pamper them with great care. The pedestal that sustains your soul is your feet.

Not only does a great pair of women’s shoes add to your style appeal, but they also allow you to build the ideal look and fulfil your fashion accessories zeal. They assist you to travel comfortably and safely while securing your feet against all kinds of harmful materials on the outside, making them indispensable to you. If you want to prevent your social profile and personal appearance from being plagued, choose your shoes carefully.

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